Decorative Dog Crates And Kennels

Do you know that your dog also wants to enjoy some comfort? In case you didn’t know how to make it available to it, below you will see many inspirations. The dog crates and kennels that you can check on this site, differ as far as their shape, design and details are concerned. Take your time and pick the one suitable for your house.

Bianca Weber Interior Design Expert
Wood dog kennel

Add this solid and nicely finished wooden dog gate into your home, and enjoy the safety zone for your lovely pet. It's not only useful, but a stylish product too. You need to try it!

Nice dog kennel
Alexis You

With its warm and charming white finish, this dog crate will create a cosy, comfy spot for your dog to rest and relax, fitting well into your traditional or shabby chic interiors.

Dog kennels for inside the home
Carmen Milani

An attractive solution at home with this dog crate and kennel is a great way to have a functional décor. Beautiful details captivate, and a lot of space for your pet will please him. The whole is elegant and very impressive.

Decorative dog crates and kennels 2

Suitable for contemporary kitchens, this decorative dog crate is complimenting and stylish, giving your four-legged friend a place to take relaxing naps. It has a wood frame with lattice wire panels and working door, with enough space inside to place comfy cushions.

Decorative dog kennels

Cool contemporary crates of white or black-finished metal wires with various lattice designs. They feature dome-like shapes and roundish arched doors with catches. The third crate is cuboidal, has full white-coated walls and a wide brown door frame.

Fancy dog crate

A beautiful dog bed that can also be a highly-decorative accessory for indoors, thanks to its stylishly-patterned, quality fabric cover. The whole is supported by a powder-coated steel wire frame, and comes with a softly-filled cushion that perfectly matches the cover.

Corner dog crate
Thompson Alyssa

Smoothly concealed under the stairs' surface, this custom dog home by Ethan Abramson creates a well-designed spot for your quadruped friend, allowing you to save space and create a lovely corner in your decor.

Fancy dog crates furniture
Sarah Mor

A creative idea to keep your beloved dog close to you, while sleeping. This dog bed is built-in underneath the real bed, and has its own lighting system, and a steel frame with square door for easy access.

Indoor built in dog kennel
Crystal San

Dog Crates To Consider - especially love this with the blackboard!

Decorative pet crates
Laetitia Anderson

An alternative for a dog crate: the space under the staircase was built up with grid divider and therefore used as dog kennel, fitting even for the biggest dog breeds. Not the most decorative thing on Earth, yet worth considering perhaps.

Custom indoor dog kennels
Kimberly Pat

A fantastic idea for giving your dog its own place to sleep, which is situated right underneath an indoor staircase. The entrance is equipped with a beautiful dog crate, made of sturdy wood and an iron lattice panel.

Decorative dog crates and kennels
Jessica Mit

A space-saving house for your barking critter that uses a corner design and wooden construction with slightly weathered finish and nice polish-work. Includes a smooth top, a name plaque, and 2 doors with handles and lattice panels.

Berkshire Comfort End Table Pet Crate
Cintia Kowalski

Berkshire Comfort End Table Pet Crate
his practical grating kennel and end table in one is an excellent multi-purpose solution for you and your pet. Beautifully finished perfectly fit into any interior decor. Practically closed allows multiple solutions and applications.

Decorative dog crates
Alexis Millerism

Gotta fight for every inch of free space in your house? Just look at this clever solutions! A dog crate that's also to be used as a bedside table, who would have thought? Wooden construction and white paint make it subtle and elegant.

Fancy dog crates

I guess if you really have too much free space, you could as well turn entire rooms into dog houses! These here are colourful and interesting – each has its own colour, as every dog deserves a unique house.

Dog cage design
Cintia Kowalski

This element of furniture can serve as a small table with wooden frame and smooth top made of wood. The lower area serves as a dog crate with solid metal walls and soft cushion that provides comfort to a dog.

Side table dog crate

A pretty practical end table and a dog crate in one crafted of 2-tone-finished wooden materials. Its rectangular top has brown tones. A base has a front door with vertical cutouts. Catches and dashy hinges are of black metal. Sides have cutouts up.

Fancy dog kennels
Jenna Daviesful

Functional dog crate in chocolate brown, matched with mint green covering and inner toss pillows for your pet's convenience and your decor's style. It even has curtains. A truly stylish and plush dog kennel!

Dog kennel furniture
Price Caitlin

This large and massively made crate for the dog is a combination of functionality and style. Beautifully presented in every interior and can be used in many ways. The whole made of solid wood has a stylish top.

Under stairs dog crate
Jenna Edward

dog bed design

BowHaus Modern Pet Crate

BowHaus Modern Pet Crate
This modern side table in a kennel in one is the perfect solution for your home. Blend beautifully with modern wystrojemn interior, and the metal structure with finesse cutouts and a comfortable seat inside, the interior adds a wonderful character.

How to decorate a dog crate
Amanda Edwa

Dog Crates built into the decor... great for a pet/mud room.

Nightstand dog crate
Robinson Layla

This handy and very functional dog crate is a combination of solid wooden construction, beautiful form, and style. Your pet will have a comfortable place to rest, and the crate can serve as a coffee table or bedside table.

Habitat ‘n Home™ InnPlace™ Pet Crate End Table
Bianca Weberable

Habitat ‘n Home™ InnPlace™ Pet Crate End Table
It is a pet crate end table that can be used as a comfortable home for your pet or table. It is safe and perfect for indoor use. You will be impressed how amazing this pet crate end table is.

Dog kennels for inside the house
Rebecca Turn

Treat Your Dog to Special Digs - Your dog is a member of the family and deserves his own retreat. Include a comfortable built-in home for your best friend and you will no longer have to live with a bulky crate. Decorating and Design Tips from Lou

Decorative dog crate

A creative way of surprising your barking friend with an outdoor dog house that's comfortable, durable and very pretty. It's made of an old barrel with a cutout, large, round hole on one side for easy access. It rests on flat feet for balance.

Decorative dog crates and kennels

Choosing the Perfect Dog Crate

Diy dog crate end table
Jenkins Diana

A durable dog crate that can, at the same time, be used as a convenient nightstand. The crate has espresso-finished wooden construction, with cutout vents and a lattice panel door with a lock.

Decorative dog cages
Nelson Kathleen

Cute built-in Dog Crate as part of the window seat. Granite counter on top as an end table. Great use of space.

Under stairs dog kennel
Rogers Jaclyn

Wish all dogs were protected in a kennel like this if owner must leave them out for periods of time. 8 x 12 Dog Kennel - Click image to find more animals Pinterest pins

Dog kennel under stairs
Laura Par

Made in rustic style, the table with the dog crate is a great combination of magnetic base, materials, and functionality. The sturdy construction of this dog house furniture makes the whole look impressive.

How to hide a dog crate
Wilson Gabrielle

How to Hide Household Eyesores - Smart Home Decorating Ideas - Good Housekeeping#slide-1#slide-1#slide-10

Nice dog crate

Another underutilized area in the home is the space under a staircase. An arched doorway makes this dog den even more special. Remember doors should always be constructed of a material that allows airflow so it’s more comfortable for them.

Double dog crate furniture
Tiffany Wood

Beautifully decorated stylish dog kennel is a great combination of functionality and style. The simple construction of wood fascinates with details and attractive colors. The whole looks great in any interior.

Nice dog crates

If your dog needs a place of its own, you can always find him a nice compartment and fence it in with a durable dog crate, like this one. It's made of a painted in white, tubular metal frame with lattice wire design.

How to hide dog crate
Robinson Susan

dog crate built-in laundry room. Prefer to do this in the mud room.

Custom dog kennels

To add some style to your indoor environment and define it as pet-friendly, use a dog crate that's crafted from real wood. This inner dog kennel with decorous door serves as a crate end table as well.

Houzz home design decorating and remodeling ideas and inspiration kitchen
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Houzz - Home Design, Decorating and Remodeling Ideas and Inspiration, Kitchen and Bathroom Design

Boutique dog cage designer crate kennel antiqued finish medium 25

BOUTIQUE DOG CAGE~Designer Crate~Kennel~Antiqued Finish~ Medium 25-30 ...

Denhaus designer dog crate furniture wooden dog crates photo
Rachel Massonable

DenHaus | Designer Dog Crate Furniture | Wooden Dog Crates - Photo

For the really big dog
Laetitia Anderson

For the really BIG dog!

Designer crate features
Jamie Flor

Designer Crate Features:

Dog crate under stairs
Wright Stacy

Built in dog that it has its own windows. Interesting idea.

Details about boutique dog cage designer crate kennel teacup and

Details about BOUTIQUE DOG CAGE~Designer Crate~Kennel~ Teacup and Toy ...

Rv and special pet rooms as providing a comfortable temperature
Courtney Lew

rv and special pet rooms | ... as providing a comfortable temperature for your pet the year round

A dog room how ridiculous but if i had the
Thomson Marisa

A dog room!! How ridiculous but if I had the money and never had more kids I might..... Just a slight maybe type of might...... Just actually get a wild hair and do this haha!

Ash wood dog crate decorative solid wooden pet kennel crates
Tara Gosselin

Ash WOOD DOG CRATE decorative solid wooden pet kennel crates

Boutique dog cage designer crate kennel antiqued finish medium 25
Weber Lily

BOUTIQUE DOG CAGE~Designer Crate~Kennel~Antiqued Finish~ Medium 25-30 ...

Making a dog crate more functional measure for a piece
Victoria Morg

making a dog crate (more) functional. Measure for a piece of wood for side table top, laid over thin decorative fabric for sides, tie back when dogs are in.

Dog crate furniture

Dog Crate Furniture