Curved Sectionals Sofas

Now these sofas are something, aren’t they? Some of them are curved, some are sectional but all of them might prove to be an inspiration for you. The collection includes different materials, styles, colours and sizes. Surely all of these are comfortable and maybe you should check them for yourself?

Peyton Donaldson Interior Design Expert
Curved sectionals sofas
Coupe Andrea

An unusual, sectional sofa in a contemporary design from the 1950's. It features curved lines and a smooth fabric with a silver, glossy touch. Subtle legs are made of cast brass. It's a top quality piece that offers elegance and comfort.

Modern curved sectional sofa
Jacqueline Davis

A fantastic, sectional sofa in a curved shape that will look really good in the central part of a big room. It features a soft, pleasant fabric in a universal color of light brown. Lack of arm rests gives it an elegant touch.

Curved sectionals sofas 1
Lopez Christine

Curved sectional sofa. This incredible piece of furniture can be use as one sofa or be pitched and divided on one coach and four armchairs. This semicircular element is very comfortable and covered of leather.

Mid century curved sectional sofa milo baughman
Lindsey Jame

Mid-Century Curved Sectional Sofa - Milo Baughman

Curved sectional sofa 1
Smith Julia

Sectional sofa in neutral form. It is mounted on wooden frame and covered with pleasant to the touch fabric. Modern accent for the living room and others interiors according to taste and need.

Unique sectional sofas
Bush Eliza

Really affordable green curved sectional sofa. It's made from really nice and soft fabric. Has this beautiful shaped curves, that makes it look more like a vehicle, than a sofa. Neatly decorated with pastel cushions.

Curved sectionals sofas
Yulia Thompson

Contemporary Curved Sectional Sofa in Brown Leather BECOUZ

Milo baughman curved sofa

This is the couch in which all interior designers are in love. The reason for this - is the rounded shape of the couch and its classic white elegant color. Curved sectional sofa is the perfect base for pillows - and family meetings, with good coffee.

Designer curved sectional sofa 4 piece set
Cooper Jillian

Designer Curved Sectional Sofa - 4 Piece Set

Vig Furniture Paris-1 White Tufted Leather Sectional Sofa
Denise Grif

Suitable for spacious living rooms, this sectional sofa has thick seat cushions, diamond button-tufting, and stylishly rolled arms. The front is upholstered in a durable white leather while the back are wrapped in a high quality leather match material.

Curved sectionals sofas 3
Alexis Hallify

Semi Circular Curved Sectional Sofa by Milo Baughman | From a unique collection of antique and modern sofas at

Curved sectionals sofas 2
Cintia Kowalski

A phenomenal sectional sofa in a curved shape that will look great in the centre of a spacious room. Made of white bonded leather construction, it's an extremely elegant and durable piece of furniture. A pure white color gives it a modern character.

Unique sectionals
Wesson Jessica

This contemporary curved sectional sofa set is a proposition for those, who love to distinguish themselves. Exquisitely stylish and prestigious, will add freshness and luxury to your interiors.

Curved sectionals sofas 5
Bianca Noorda

modern curved sectional sofas

Curved sectionals sofas
Susan Mitchell

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Unique sectional couches

Super curved sectional sofa, oval shape made from nice, soft, light beige leather. It looks very classic on this darker wooden floor. I love the way its curves go. Pretty nice thing to have it next to big, glass table in your living room.

Curved sectionals sofas 18
Rebecca Pet

Geneva Curved Sectional Sofa ?

Curved sectionals sofas 10
Alexis Millerism

Hokku white modern curved sectional sofa

Semi circular curved sectional sofa by milo baughman thumbnail 1
Diana Jones

Semi Circular Curved Sectional Sofa by Milo Baughman thumbnail 1

Curved sectionals sofas 20
Bush Eliza

Lily White Curved Sectional Sofa $1200

Small curved sofa
Lisa Turn

Small Curved Sofa

Curved sectional sofa set rich comfortable upholstered fabric contemporary curved

Curved Sectional Sofa Set - Rich Comfortable Upholstered Fabric - Contemporary Curved Sofa 2959

Curved sectional sofa 5
Kristina Flo

Curved sectional sofa

Curved sectionals sofas 11
Tara Zucker

Fabulous Curved Sectional Sofa in Cream Facing Inset Fireplace Decorated with Painting Studded in Center Wall

Curved sectionals sofas 9
Isabella Martinable

Milo Baughman Curved Sectional Sofa | From a unique collection of antique and modern sectional sofas at

Round Upholstered Sofa - Sectional - Beige Fabric - ROTUNDE

Round Upholstered Sofa - Sectional - Beige Fabric - ROTUNDE

Curved sectionals sofas 4
Leah Wood

A fantastic patio arrangement with a large, sectional sofa in a curved shape. It's made of a wicker construction with comfy upholstery in a beige color. The center of the layout features an elegant fire pit set.

Beautiful curved sectional sofa in three parts from a unique
Rebecca Rive

Beautiful Curved Sectional Sofa in Three Parts | From a unique collection of antique and modern sectional sofas at

Curved sectionals sofas 17

"Conservation" sectional sofa by designer Giorgio Soressi, designed for Erba Italia. Definitely a contender for our family room!

Riemann Curved Tufted Sectional, 2 PIECE, MCROSUEDE MOCHA

Riemann Curved Tufted Sectional, 2 PIECE, MCROSUEDE MOCHA

Curved sectionals sofas 8
Wesson Jessica

Minimalist White Curved Sectional Sofas

Curved sectional sofa 2

An enticing modern curved sectional sofa, bound to give any living room a one of a kind look. Goes along perfectly with other modern furniture and its rotatable section makes your life way easier and gives the much-needed utility.

Bergamo Right Hand Facing Sectional Sofa

Bergamo Right Hand Facing Sectional Sofa
Modern corner sofa for any living room to provide plenty of space to sit. Frame is made of wood. It is filled with foam of high density and upholstered genuine leather.

Furniture commercial sofas cheddington bespoke curved sofa

... FURNITURE / COMMERCIAL SOFAS / Cheddington Bespoke Curved Sofa

Curved sectionals sofas 22
Bush Eliza

Geneva Curved Sectional Sofa by Anees Upholstery

Circular sofa sectional
Peyton Marthy

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The versatile and unique curved sectional sofas home design gallery

The Versatile And Unique Curved Sectional Sofas Home Design Gallery#2 Curved Sectional Sofa -

Curved sectionals sofas 3
Wright Stacy

Crescent-shaped sofas have its chic, good style and usually go hand in hand with good quality natural fabrics. Also here -bright, durable material with admixture of linen - looks great - like a canvas painting.

Beliani 11510 Rotunde Round Modern Sectional Upholstered Sofa, Grey
Hilton Emily

Beliani 11510 Rotunde Round Modern Sectional Upholstered Sofa, Grey

Curved sectionals sofas 1
Michele Col

Curved Sectional Sofa - Bing Images

Atmore Sleeper Sectional
Martinez Susan

Atmore Sleeper Sectional
A stunning two-piece sectional that comes with an attached boxed back cushion, box seats and a rolled arm, all perfect for your living room, while the design provides an elegant look to the interior, especially with the nail heads.

Curved fabric sofa
Bianca Noorda

Sit down on the contemporary and ultra modern -curved sectional sofa, for at least 12 people! If you have big family, which loves white modern interiors - that is right thing to buy. Beautiful semi circle with smooth material appears with a round footrest.

Curved sectionals sofas 13
Julia Lambertify

Microfiber Curved Sectional Sofa

Curved sectionals sofas 24
Bianca Weberable

Vintage Mid Century1950's Kroehler Three Piece Curved Sectional Sofa

Curved sectionals sofas 6

Ashley Curved Sectional Sofa | Grenada Mocha 2 Piece Sectional Fabric Sofa

Curved sectionals sofas 21
Amanda Bell

Two matching sofas facing each other

Curved sectional sofa 6
Alexis Milani

A fabulous, sectional sofa in a curved shape that will look perfectly in the middle of a spacious room. It features graceful legs and the fabric with a smooth feel in a neutral beige color. It's decorated with a few matching cushions.

Basel Sectional Sofa Bed

Basel Sectional Sofa Bed
This huge, comfortable and elegant sofa is a perfect way to complement a modern styled living room. It has a durable frame and a stable, aluminium legs. Cushions are thick and padded, upholstered with leather in black, grey or white.

Curved sectionals sofas 16
Erica Barn

Huntington House Curve Sectional Sofa

Custom sofas chaises 1

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