Christmas Serving Trays

In case you still want to buy something for Christmas, this is the place to be. On this site, you will find a lot of pretty serving trays. The choice is so rich that you can spend here a lot of time and still be under impression. Which one will you decide on, in the end?

Isabella Martin Interior Design Expert
Peppermint serving trays
Kelly Fost

For all those, who really want to throw an unforgettable party these ideas for amazing appetizers will surely help achieve that, from the perfect use of tomatoes to the appealing strawberry delight.

Peppermint trays

Picture frame reimaged as a sweet serving tray. I think this would be perfect to sit on my bedside table.

Christmas serving trays 18
Adams Michele

Simple DIY chevron serving tray made with shape tape and a few supplies found at your local home improvement center by Our Southern Home #AD #ShapeTape

How to add a photo to a plate i would
Melanie Baker

How to add a Photo to a plate. I would like to do this with one of my grandma's plate and a pic of my grandma. How sweet would that be?!

Christmas serving trays 6
Laetitia Kloss

Cool rustic style size-varied serving trays made of solid wood with a whitewashed brown finish. They're rectangular, have simple raised walls with attached small black chalkboard tiles in white frames.

Artificial christmas floral arrangements
Melissa You

Have yourself a merry little christmas with a great idea of centerpieces. Five votive candles in different colors, in the middle of serving, rectangular red dish perfectly fits with sweet cranberries. Take a few pine twigs and add it with a artificial snow.

Christmas serving trays 15
Michelle Fos

Tips on serving cheese at parties #sponsored #entertaining #tips

Christmas serving trays 22
Kristen Moor

DIY COLLECTION 1: cookie trays, maybe have the kids decorate the plates before cutting.

Christmas serving trays 17
Laetitia Zernike

Cute Gift for you or a friend: Make a tray with your wedding song sheet music as a keepsake! What a lovely idea...this would make a great 1st anniversary gift, too!

Christmas serving tray
Kathryn Hall

Serving tray decorated with interesting pattern on the top. Frame is made of wood and fitted with convenient handles for easy carrying. Ideal for storing drinks, snacks and more.

Christmas serving trays 19
Butler Nicole

The V Spot: 60+ Handmade Gifts - Ideas and tutorials.

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19 Candy Cane Crafts {simple Christmas crafts}

Christmas serving trays 13
Tiffany Alle

A unique DIY wreath that provides a sophisticated wall decoration: vintage metal serving trays are arranged into a circular shape and hanged in layers on a wall. This, altogether with the opulently decored console table, creates a rich Christmas display.

Christmas serving trays
Thomson Marisa

Chic design for an old-fashioned and vintage tray made out of an old photo frame. The photo frame is fitted with two antique handles and a classical picture inside of it, providing a cute piece to serve drinks on.

Christmas serving trays 1
Lauren Martinezify

Serving It Up | 11 Awesome DIY Chalkboard Paint Projects

Christmas serving trays 2

Chalkboard Serving Tray Tutorial - great use of an old cupboard door!

Peppermint serving tray
Heather You

i made these for last years christmas gifts. very easy to make. will post pics and plans later

Serving Tray

Serving Tray
Exquisite semicular serving tray crafted of beautiful thirstystone marble and solid wood. It showcases your fine taste with its natural design. It is perfect gift choice being both functional and highly decorative. Handwash only.

Copper Decor Serving Tray

Copper Decor Serving Tray
Beautiful oval classic tray made of resistant copper-plated stainless steel with brass handles. It is intended for serving food but can also be an excellent decorative element. It is food safe, stackable and easy to damp wipe.

Christmas serving trays 3

You'll definitely want a peppermint tray to serve all of your desserts on.... | 49 Things That Taste Like Christmas

Decorative ceramic plates 1
Patterson Jamie

Hooray for fun DIY projects that actually WORK! You guys, I have a really hard time giving Christmas gifts straight from a list. Maybe I'm a little different, but we always gave gifts based on what...

Christmas serving trays
Bush Eliza

starlight mints plate | Pictures - How to make a festive peppermint candy tray for cookies and ...

Christmas serving trays 4
Isabella Martinable

Melted peppermint tiered serving tray - really unusual (and frugal)!

Christmas serving trays 5
Tara Zucker

DIY Glittered Gold Serving Tray steps Maybe something to do with that plain old candle dish...?

Christmas serving trays
Laetitia Anderson

Starlight Mint Serving Tray. Arrange On Wax Paper Lined Cookie Sheet & Bake In The Oven

Christmas serving trays 7

Peppermint Serving Tray at

Christmas serving trays 1
Brittany Sanchez

Serving Tray for Christmas made out of peppermints. Coolest thing ever. Might be this years holiday gift with cookies for families!!.

Christmas serving trays 11
Peyton Marthy

Wine Cork Tray recycled reused and now it's new, arrange corks in empty frame and voila!

Christmas serving trays 12
Dana Hernandez

Peppermint Candy Serving Tray ~ While Tray is Still Warm and Candy is Still Soft and Pliable, Invert Pie Pan onto A Bowl to Make Into a Candy Bowl

Christmas serving trays
Alison Cook

DIY Christmas Goodies Serving Tray from CANDY! Just arrange on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper, and bake at 350 for 8-10 minutes. Then let completely cool at room temperature. After your party, break and keep in a candy jar! Great idea for a pl

Christmas serving trays 3
Lewis Alexandra

"How to Make Edible Candy Plates" to give as gifts, with goodies on top of them!

Christmas serving trays 16

Christmas ● DIY ● Tutorial ● Peppermint Serving Tray!

Christmas serving trays 20

HOW TO MAKE BATH FIZZIES: Ice-cube trays serve as molds, giving the fizzies their shape. Using a flexible silicone model lets you slide the cubes out smoothly without breaking them. Show off the colors of the bath fizzies in glass jars with screw tops,

Christmas serving trays

cute idea. keep all the corks n make a frame. if we have beer bottles, keep all the caps n make a frame..

Christmas serving trays 21
Alexis Torr

Cute Christmas gift!

Christmas serving trays 4

Peppermint Serving Tray~ I did this last year, and it worked great, but I didn't use the pan to help it keep it's shape...very smart addition to the process! SO EASY!

Christmas serving trays 5
Peyton Marthy

Mrs Happy Homemaker: Peppermint Candy Trays - and fluted bowls too! { Mrs Happy Homemaker }

Christmas serving trays 6
Coupe Andrea

Peppermint Stick Platter and Super Simple Snowman Cookies using Oreos

Christmas serving trays 7
Amanda Dav

cheese by Ree Drummond / The Pioneer Woman, via Flickr

Christmas serving trays 23
Nicole Richardson

Holiday Mason Jar Luminary - Organize and Decorate Everything #MadeWithMichaels @michaelsstores

Christmas serving trays 24
Tara Evan

Crushed Candy Canes melted into a serving tray for your holiday treats. from #christmas

Christmas serving trays 25

Cheese board or serving tray with just a strip of chalk board paint

Learn the secrets to making a serving plate from candy
Jasmine Morris

Learn the secrets to making a serving plate from candy canes at

Great table setting that doesnt scream christmas but is definitely

Great table setting that doesn't scream Christmas but is definitely winter and holiday!

Christmas serving trays 26
Kimberly Hugh

Make a stylish monogram tray for a custom #Christmas gift

Christmas serving trays 27
Brittany Joh

Frozen cranberry skewers to keep champagne cold. So festive for fall and winter parties!

How to make a candy bowl out of candy this
Patricia Wright

How to Make a Candy Bowl...Out of Candy! This is the "before" picture, with about $4 worth of candy from a dollar store.

Christmas serving trays 28
Gina Barnes

Chalkboard paint serving tray! Been wanting to do this on a cutting board but this is cute too and would make a great gift for someone who's hosts parties/get-togethers!

Peppermint crafts hduford
Craven Zoe

Peppermint crafts @hduford

Christmas serving trays 29
Kelly Bryant

A decorated block of ice is an elegant way to serve chilled buffet food, such as boiled shrimp. Great for a holiday parties.