Child Area Rug

A child area rug is both a practical and decorative addition to your kid’s room. It pulls the elements of décor together and helps create a warm atmosphere, at the same time providing a comfortable place for playing or just lying down on the floor with a coloring book. Themed area rugs are a great idea, too.

Ideas By Laetitia Kloss
Slow Poke Stripe Kids Area Rug

Slow Poke Stripe Kids Area Rug

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Charlie and Friends Kids Area Rug
This item is a special rug designed for kids. It includes Charlie and Friends pattern and it also displays letters of alphabed, so it provides fun and has got an educative character. It also plays the role of a nice decoration.

Charlie and Friends Kids Area Rug
This item is a special rug designed for kids. It includes Charlie and Friends pattern and it also displays letters of alphabed, so it provides fun and has got an educative character. It also plays the role of a nice decoration.

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This craft project comes from Everyday Art and is an adorable way to spruce up a bedroom. You can change the colors and make the rug perfect for any room so whether you are decorating a child’s bedroom, a living room or even your own room, just pick you
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Compass Rug for a nautical theme that can grow with your child #nursery
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recycled blue jeans made into braided rug to match the denim quilt
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great idea for reading area in child's playroom - just hang curtain rod in the corner with some shelves, pillows, and a rug. by Lailah
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Library for a girl with a soft rug to lie down on the floor and read. What a great idea!
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Transforming our Learning Environment into a Space of Possibilities: Reggio Emilia Inspiration
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31 Clever And Inexpensive Ideas For Teaching Your Child At Home
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How about setting up a special reading area for you child?  Having their very own space to read will encourage them to do so
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Or place a bench seat between two bookshelves. | 41 Clever Organizational Ideas For Your ChildsPlayroom #playroom #inspiration #child
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A Serene Creative Space | 30 Epic Examples Of Inspirational Classroom Decor
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This vibrant gallery wall + library wall is pure perfection for this #bigboyroom! (Fab for a nursery, too.) #kidsroom #librarywall
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Kinderkamer inspiratie. Voor meer kinderkamers kijk ook eens op
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SO AMAZING.  design dump: ORC finale: a teen bedroom in peach + mustard
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Encourage a love of reading by putting lots of books within your child’s reach.
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One day I will have a library in my house. This will be in the corner for my child
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Bellissimo tappeto colorato, per la case di design! - Colorful mat for the designer home.
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mint & coral tribal pattern (2) Rug by Dani - $28.00
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Super easy secret hideaway/reading nook.
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Spice racks = book racks
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Tipi blanco
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An indoor garden at The Little Unicorn Honeysuckle - image shared by International Child Care College
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Perfectly understated and eco-chic   designed by Alison Davin of Jute Interior Design in Mill Valley.
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i like this, even how they put pictures so your kids will know what basket is theirs, thank jenn ray
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I want a blue jean rug like the one on Good Luck Charlie. This is the closest I've been able to find so far...
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Awning stripe single door and double door welcome mats by MacKenzie-Childs at  [3/27/14 Ships Free, $100 for single mat, $160 for double mat]
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love the rug but I think there's too many open options for kids.  It would be chaotic.
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Image detail for -DIY & crafts / 18" Doll Furniture - American Girl sized Living Room ...
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lay baby lay south georgia farmhouse playspace reveal. featuring our wood book display shelves, mini club chairs, vintage spool side table, printed dandelion bean bag, vintage illuminated star, baby raccoon portrait, sheepskin cloud wool rug, chunky braid
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love the "think" corner - place in library area with a large place to sit just like in this picture
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Love the wall decor, but mostly I'm digging the idea of an open closet, high hangers and room on the bottom for play.
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Fotos de Habitaciones Infantiles…10 ideas de inspiración nórdica en Instagram
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I like this wallpaper/paint, especially for a small space like a bathroom or small dining area.
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Could be fun for a classroom rug...remnant carpet cut into puzzle pieces...hum?
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Skip the crib- Montessori floor bed within a room that is well child-proofed and has a baby gate across the doorway to keep her away from any non-child-proofed rooms.
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MacKenzie-Childs distinctive style is an American original - National designer furniture |
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Nicole and Mike McQuade's loft in Chicago
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How to Get a Dog Urine Smell Out of House & Rugs
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Love the little kitchen for when the baby gets older! Adorable with a chalk board, so she can have a "restaurant"
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Frugal Living: 15 Free (or Nearly Free) DIY Ways to Fill & Refresh Your Framed Art
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@Overstock - This multicolor area rug is an ideal accessory for any space that requires a vibrant look, including a childs room. The bold stripes are weaved through this 5 x 8 foot nylon rug that has a 0.406 pile height making it soft to walk across.http:
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Looks like the dressing room in a very elegant dress shop, but the elements could be used in your home. Why not have an oriental rug & a chair if you have enough room? Take that extra bedroom that your child has long moved out of & redo it for yourself!
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déco salon  this is cute for the "dinning room area that has to store my extra couch temp."
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I love this low shelf because of its accessibility.  It's a converted shelving unit and by installing it above the floor it maintains a nice open feel. A nice floor pillow or 2 and all those wonderful books and play items are directly within reach (no nee
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I'm pretty sure I NEED this rug.  Where I would put it I have no idea.
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children room - styling Alex Kristal  photo Jake Curtis ⎥guirlande de boules et caisse à jouets à roulettes
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Awesome Playroom Carpet for a dolls instead of a doll house!
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angela adams rug-I would've loved playing on this as a child...
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"play room/ family room".     Whoever pinned this photo originally with this caption obviously has no children of their own....good luck with that white couch
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