Chiavari Chairs

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Chiavari Chair Dimensions

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Taylor Holly

<3 the matching chair covers & gives continuity to the design. Lovely!

Polycarbonate Crystal Clear Chiavari Chair (Set of 4)

Set of 4 chairs in modern style. It is made of clear polycarbonate and reinforced with solid supports. Great addition to the dining room and others interiors according to taste and need.

Max Chiavari Chair with Cushion
Natalie Hend

Max Chiavari Chair with Cushion
This aesthetic Side Chair in Gold Finish is a highly decorative piece for almost any décor. The chair features a tubular steel frame that holds a padded seat upholstered in white fabric. Designed for both indoor and outdoor use.

Wildflower Linen Isabella Chiavari Chair Cap, Blush
Wesson Jessica

This unique Wildflower Linen chair delights with its inimitable, ingenuine design. Its lovely curly layers of chiffon on the backrest add a soft, warm touch. 100% Polyester, available also in different finishes.

Elegance Chiavari Chair

Elegance Chiavari Chair
Beautiful Chiavari chair. This elegant chair is the ultimate solution for a person who enjoys class and comfort. The chair has a durable hardwood frame and reinforced stress points to provide maximum quality. Suitable for outdoor and indoor use.

Gold Chiavari Chair by VF
Natalie Hend

It is very beautiful, tasteful and extremely stylish chair that surprises by its appearance. Most points out the fact that this is a golden chair. It has adorned, decorative frame. It has a seat cushion, so it becomes very convenient. Perfect for lavish room.

Flash Elegance Crystal Stacking Chiavari Chair Clear
Cintia Kowalski

Very elegant and original design of this Crystal Stacking Chiavari Chair can really take the breath away. The whole chair is made of see-through plastic material, which is also quite strong, but most of all, very unique.

Flash Elegance Crystal Stacking Chiavari Chair Pink

This is what an call an itriguing design: a range of features makes this ghost chair beam with a truly eclectic style. It is transparent, yet it has double horizontal stretchers on its backrest and base - complemented with vertical elements - that resemble bamboo.

Wildflower Linen Chanel with Rhinestones Chiavari Chair Cap, Silver
Stacey Pere

Beautiful contemporary cap for chiavari chairs' backrests. It's rectangular and entirely made of silvery polyester fabric. It's padded and features a mini crystal studs-tufted back side with a diamond pattern and woven chain lining on a bottom edge.

Flash Furniture LE-L-7F-CRY-RESIN-GG Flash Elegance Crystal Clear Resin Stacking Chiavari Chair/White
Crystal Roge

Flash Furniture LE-L-7F-CRY-RESIN-GG Flash Elegance Crystal Clear Resin Stacking Chiavari Chair/White

Flash Elegance Chiavari Chair
Stacey Camp

Flash Elegance Chiavari Chair
This elegant Chiavari chair is a must have for wedding or banquet halls. The chair has the seat made of very sturdy polycarbonate and resilient resin frame. The fame is a 1-piece and has no screws or nails. The chair can hold up to 1000 lbs.

Flash Furniture Supreme Wood Chiavari Chair in Gold
Jillian Hayes

Glamorous stylish chair with a sleek gold-painted frame of wooden thick and length-varied rods. They have carved double-collars in regular gaps. A chair has thin round legs, 4 pairs of stretchers, a solid classic seat and a tall back.

Advantage Gold Chiavari Chair [WDCHI-G]
Melanie Moore

It is a very beautiful golden chair. It is the perfect combination of simple, although decorative forms and very decorative material. The very gold makes the chair attracts attention, returns it causes interest. Decorations only argue that the chair is worth admiration.

Chiavari Chairs - Set of 4 (Dark Fruitwood)

It is a set of four wooden chairs. Kit is ideal for kitchen combined with dining area and separate dining room. It is very practical, yet elegant. It is in this simplicity hides all their charm. Perfect.

Chiavari Chairs - Stackable, Elegant Non-folding Mahogany Color Hard Wood Banquet Chairs with Cushion
Olivia Smithist

It is a beautiful and elegant chair for your dining room area or living room. It has got a wood construction, mahogany finish and white cushioned seat, which provides an excellent seating comfort.

Chiavari chairs dimensions
Carmen Milani

Gold Chiavari Chair with white cushion for each guest -Maria to order these

Wildflower Linen Sasha Chiavari Chair Half-Sleeve, Burgundy

Wildflower Linen Sasha Chiavari Chair Half-Sleeve, Burgundy

Chiavari chair decor

There's nothing we love more than an elegant chiavari chair, except if it's accented with a luxurious sash!

Flash Elegance Chiavari Chair
Maria Martin

Flash Elegance Chiavari Chair
Bring a bit of transparency to your home décor, using this aesthetic Side Chair in Crimson Finish. The chair characterizes stackable design (up to 10 chairs), indoor and outdoor use, plastic floor glides, and lightweight, polycarbonate construction.

Wildflower Linen Faux Fur Chiavari Chair Cap, White
Theresa San

Wildflower Linen Faux Fur Chiavari Chair Cap, White

Mahogany Chiavari Chair by VF

It is very beautiful and extremely elegant wooden chair. They were made of mahogany, which makes it very stylish and for this tough. Chair ideally suited to a wide variety of interiors and arrangements.

Wildflower Linen Ballerina Tutu Chiavari Chair Back, White

Beautiful attachable chair back intended for girlish chairs decoration. It's made of white stretchable polyester so is easy to put on a back. It features a rich flounced lower part. This cool product can be washed.

Wildflower Linen Parisian Leather with Black Floral Belt Chiavari Chair Half Sleeve, White
Carmen Milani

This very beautifully made chair cover is a great way to decorate the entire interior. Made of polyester is stylish and very impressive. Lovely colors combining white and black.

Flash Elegance Supreme Wood Chiavari Chair

Flash Elegance Supreme Wood Chiavari Chair

Wildflower Linen Burlap and Lilies Chiavari Chair Cap

Wildflower Linen Burlap and Lilies Chiavari Chair Cap

Flash Elegance Resin Stacking Chiavari Chair Black
Jasmine Mar

This armless chair in a black finish is lightweight, crafted from durable resin, and stackable (up to 8 chairs). The chair is reinforced by fixed stretchers that firmly hold tubular legs and a stylish back with slightly widened top.

Wildflower Linen Lauralyn Chiavari Chair Sleeve, White
Bianca Noorda

White chair sleeve in delicate swirls and see-through pattern. Made of 100% Polyester. Very decorative yet delicate. Perfect for chairs decoration for a wedding reception, bridal shower or any other celebration.

Flash Elegance Crystal Stacking Chiavari Chair Brown
Tara Coll

Classic Chiavari style chair made of half-transparent plastic in brown. It boasts elegant design that has been popular for decades; it is stackable and light in weight to be easily moved around. The design combines decorativeness and utility.

Advantage Silver Chiavari Chair [WDCHI-S]

This chair is a combination of elegance, decorative and simplicity. It is perfect for a lavish and luxurious interior. It is silver, which significantly adds to its advantages. On the other hand, in terms of arrangement and appearance it is very ordinary and normal, which in turn causes some relaxation of its image.

Advantage Mahogany Chiavari Chair [WDCHI-M]
Heather Long

It is a very beautiful mahogany chair. Mahogany is a special kind of wood. It is strong, stable, decent, yet elegant and refined. This makes it very exciting and interesting chair. Perfect for the upscale dining room.

Flash Elegance Crystal Stacking Chiavari Chair Smoke

Thanks to crystal accent and intriguing, transparent look with smoky gradient, this classicaly designed chiavari chair adds a glamorous vibe to any ambiance, wherever it is set. It is made of sturdy plastic.

Flash Elegance Gold Resin Stacking Chiavari Chair
Evans Liliana

This Elegance Stacking Chair in Gold Finish is space-saving, multi-purpose, and stylish. The chair is made of durable resin, offering a very beautiful frame with well-formed legs, and a high back for a better support.

Pangea Home Harry Dining Chair, Clear
Tara Zucker

Chic modern dining chair for outdoor. It's made of sturdy transparent purplish plastic. It's stylized to look like it was of bamboo. It has thin round legs, double-tier stretchers, a classic seat and a tall back with vertical and horizontal rods.

Midas Event Supply 122002 Legacy Series Black Wood Chiavari Ballroom Stack Chair, Black
Leah Pere

It is a wooden chair that is perfect for both traditional and modern interiors. The chair is black, with the result that the effect that induces a dual. It is particularly beautiful and stylish, just by the color. It was the one which gives it a huge class.

Chiavari chair decorations
Mackenzie Milani

Loving this long frame tent with banquet tables and gold Chiavari chairs. #tentwedding #PerfectWedding

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Coupe Andrea

White-on-White with Black Chiavari Chairs - Very Elegant! Click thru to View the Post on | #ElegantWedding #Linens | Photography

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Blue and white floral design on a chiavari chair | Branco Prata Photography |

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Blue Chiavari Chair Decor Tablescape Centerpiece

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Howard Renee

wedding venue, chiavari chairs, reception, rustic, vintage

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gold chiavari chairs and family style table

Wooden chairs and flower centre pieces

Wooden chairs and flower centre pieces

Chair covers chiavari chair caps hoods satin rosette chair
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» Chair Covers » Chiavari Chair Caps/Hoods » Satin Rosette Chair ...

Gilded chiavari chairs are decorated with red feather trim so
Adriana Andersson

Gilded Chiavari chairs are decorated with red feather trim. So beautiful and a fantastic idea for DIY.

Silver chiavari chair covers i like the drop of lace
Craven Rachel

silver-chiavari-chair-covers. I like the drop of lace and how the back reminds me of a Victorian bustle back

Gold chiavari chairs at reception photography by www flowersonspri
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Gold Chiavari Chairs at Reception | photography by | www.flowersonspri

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pink decor with gold chiavari chairs

Melissa chair covers for her bridesmaids
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Melissa Chair Covers for her Bridesmaids

Clearance satin rosette chiavari chair cap aqua blue clearance
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... CLEARANCE » Satin Rosette Chiavari Chair Cap - Aqua Blue (Clearance

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