Ceramic Utensil Holders

Do you like such utensil holders? Those shown at the photos are made of ceramic and are available in different designs, shapes, sizes and colours. Many customers are really satisfied with all of them and what do you think? Maybe you still need to take another look at these solutions.

Sarah Miller Interior Design Expert
Ceramic utensil holders 1
Cintia Kowalski

Bring some shiny elegance into your kitchen with this fine set of 3 holders that will help you to properly store and display your utensils. They are all made of white porcelain clay and grey glaze, boasting of a lovely, cylindrical shape.

Blue utensil holder

A decorative accessory for contemporary kitchens, that sparkles with turquiose accents and beautiful design. This lovely utensil holder is made of quality glazed ceramic, and it can be easily cleaned with dry cloth.

Ceramic utensil holder 1
Katherine Williams

Store your kitchen utensils with style in a multicolored ceramic receptacle, definitely designed to retain nautical theme in its space. Gradient finish in brown, green, gray and drop of blue is an eye-candy, and seashell shaped handles add to style.

Vintage utensil holder
Aloma Garcia

Kitchen utensil holder made of stoneware with gloss finish. Handy gadget in any kitchen. Received many positive recommendations from customers for functionality and neutral design.

Ceramic utensil holders 2
Powell Emily

Simple size-varied traditional standing holders for kitchen utensils. They are manufactured of ceramic in off-greenish tones. Holders feature a bit narrower upper parts with a geometric beads design in a darker shade.

Ceramic utensil holders
Joanna Richardson

Hand built, this green ceramic organizer will be a good bathroom addition, designed to hold your sponges, brush and a small flat soap dispenser holder. Adorned with subtle flower tooling,

Ceramic utensil holders
Sara Green

Made of beautiful pottery utensil holder is an excellent way for a stylish and very functional kitchen appliance. The beautiful white shade form is versatile and is perfect for storing buckets and other kitchen accessories.

Large ceramic utensil holder
Watson Margaret

A pretty traditional holder for kitchen utensils. It's crafted of glazed pottery clay in brownish tones with a bit textured surface. This round holder has a gently elevated top edge with a bit flared collar and 2 slanted lugs stuck to the body.

Rustic utensil holder

These utensil holders feature cylinder shapes. Ceramic construction of these products makes them very attractive and resistant to damage. These are hand-made items, so they look very original and their quality is high.

Grey utensil holder

A stylish and convenient kitchen addition. This ceramic utensil holder can be a great organizer for your cutlery. Hand thrown pottery enchants with its natural character, being a real bargain for those who relish handmade items.

Large utensil holder

Bring some retro-modern charm into your vintage kitchen, with this streamlined utensil holder. It's designed of quality ceramic and splashed with a minty finish. Plus, you can not only display your utensils, but also have a place to put your tablet or iPad.

Antique utensil holder
Bianca Noorda

This ceramic utensil holder will your whisks, spatula and other cooking utensils handy on the countertop. Its beautiful aqua ceramic crock shall appeal to all fans or cottage or shabby chic designs.

White kitchen utensil holder
Isabella Martinable

We bet - you would like to know from what this ceramic utensil holder - or if you prefer a candle holder was made of? To get this smooth rustical but still elegant blue touch: lay, glaze, stoneware, pottery, ceramics, handmade pottery, kiln fired were used.

Turquoise utensil holder
Mega Leahbrown

Ceramic trinkets are a great way to create a functional and very impressive interior design element. The jars in a beautiful finish with attractive decorative elements are original and very stylish for what they enchant.

Ceramic utensil holders 4

Ceramics have been known for centuries - and the turquoise color that is often combined with it is an extraordinary decoration. That is why this ceramic utensil holder for kitchen accessories by the sink looks so neat with gold frames.

White ceramic utensil holder
Alison Lew

Store your kitchen utensils neatly in a decorous ceramic holder in ecru. Decorous cast aluminium base showcases matching bronze finish and swirly floral motif. The ceramic receptacle is dishwasher safe.

Black kitchen utensil holder
Alicia Mur

Go for this beautiful and handmade piece for your utensils in the kitchen or study and choose an addition of pure refineness and utmost quality. It sports the flower pattern of the pottery structure.

Kitchen utensil holder pottery
Julie Cook

Handmade by a local artist, this ceramic utensil holder will be a beautiful accent in one's kitchen or dining room. Working in clay from the 1993, the artist mastered her craft to perfection.

Pottery utensil holder
Evans Liliana

You can spend hours looking for good containers for small kitchen accessories. Ceramic utensil holders are overwhelming solution. They are not expensive, and they give the impression of a clean kitchen. Hipsters and as well luxury fan kitchen.

Colorful utensil holder

Do you see these subtle lines on these ceramic kitchen storage utensil holders canisters, for accessories such as ladles or spoons? These are streaks of hands, naturally made when ceramic making these simple minimalist gray-brownish containers.

Kitchen utensil holder

kitchen utensil holder

Ceramic utensil holder for kitchen
Tara Gosselin

Enchanting with the lovely white colour, this set of ceramics for spoons or spatula's and fresh herbs comes from Sweden and the house of Daniella Witte. It depicts well the contemporary Scandinavian way of design - cool and simplistic.

Unique kitchen utensil holder
Sara Ross

In your kitchen you need to own special holder that help you to keep all your cooking tools clean in one place. This fancy ceramic utensil holder is not only looking nicely but provides space for all your needs.

Green utensil holder

Dark gray, sand-colored clay, all combined with glazed earth-colored glaze - that calms the senses and fits many styles. Different sizes of ceramic containers, holders with due care will store kitchen utensils, flowers and more.

Countertop utensil holder
Lambert Abbey

Cracks texture and distressed finish make this kitchen receptacle look like a years-old finding. A ceramic holder seems a tiny detail, but it can tie your kitchen's decor together. And hold your kitchen utensils by the way.

Spatula holder ceramic
Samantha Dia

Utensil Drain - Sponge Holder - Toothbrush Holder. $30.00 USD,

Cask crocks i fell in love with these when i
Yulia Thompson

Cask Crocks . I fell in love with these when I saw them at the PB store and got both sizes. They're great for holding cooking utensils or silverware. Love the rustic details on these!

Large utensil caddy

Flatware Caddy. I could use 4 of my favorite mugs, color coordinated twine and, hmmm,,,what for the handle...

Kitchen utensil holder ceramic
Diana Taylor

Mason Jar Ceramic Utensil Crock- I need this too!!

Ceramic utensil holders 3
Krystal Hall

show more than one item at a time - and show clever ways to use an item: I'm thinking of the "coral vase"

Antique Embossed Heritage Tool Caddy

Antique Embossed Heritage Tool Caddy
Beautifully hand-embossed tool caddy with antique copper finish that gives a vintage flare. It is a stylish and convenient container to store your spoons, spatulas and all other items. It is easy and quick to clean with warm water and hand dry clean.

Ceramic utensil holders 5

Country Western Cowboy Boot Kitchen Utensil Holder #VT Industries #countertops

Black ceramic utensil holder

i want to make this for myself! Pottery utensil holder with pocket, Brown and blue stoneware crock, Ceramic spoon organizer

Utensil Holder
Allison Gree

Utensil Holder
This kind of product is a high quality ceramic holder. It is available with a silicone pad. Outside surface of this product has got a green color and its interior is white. Full size of this item is 6'' H x 4.5'' W x 4.5'' D.

Decorative utensil holder
Aloma Garcia

Sponge, dishcloth, scrubby holder drainer hand thrown pottery ceramic small berry bowl

Custom dish set dinnerware pottery 4 piece 4 by vitrifiedstudio
Evans Liliana

custom dish set. dinnerware pottery. 4 piece 4 by vitrifiedstudio

Check out the detail on the marble edge decor de

Check out the detail on the marble edge. Décor de Provence

Pottery utensil holder extra large utensil by laurenbauschoriginal

Pottery Utensil Holder Extra Large Utensil by LaurenBauschOriginal, $ ...

Utensil holder medium size aqua mist hand thrown vase modern
Zernike Laetitia

Utensil Holder - Medium Size - Aqua Mist - Hand Thrown Vase - Modern Kitchen Home Decor - Ready to Ship

Jonathan adler bird spoon holder neiman marcus
Cynthia King

Jonathan Adler "Bird" Spoon Holder - Neiman Marcus

Utensil holder

Utensil Holder

Green kitchen utensil holder
Alyssa Wilsonify

"I will be grateful for this day" frame and utensils in jars on a platter...I am going to do this...

Pottery kitchen utensil holder
Alexis Hallify

Ceramic Slab Vase | Swirling Slab Vase—5 ½” tall. Item #433. Watertight, dishwasher ...

Blue jay pottery utensil holder
Vanessa Rivera

Blue Jay Pottery Utensil Holder

Joey sheehan utensil holder at mudfire gallery
Dana Hernandez

Joey Sheehan Utensil Holder at MudFire Gallery

Utensil holder with pocket tan utensil crock pottery spatula holder
Kristen Moor

utensil holder with pocket tan utensil crock pottery spatula holder 1 ...

Wonder if lorraine would like this for the boat
Liliana Gadjus

. . . wonder if Lorraine would like this for the boat . . .

Large ceramic utensil holder

Large Ceramic Utensil Holder

Slab pottery ideas 21 70 14 70 slant pitcher green

Slab Pottery Ideas | 21.70 $14.70 Slant Pitcher - Green Matte - $120.00 Slant Pitcher ...

Pottery utensil holder aqua glaze seagrove nc
Thompson Alyssa

Pottery Utensil Holder Aqua Glaze Seagrove NC