Ceiling Mounted Space Heater

This collection will be something for all those who are searching for space heaters. If you happen to be one of them, you have now a rare opportunity to pick from among so many designs, sizes and colours of such heaters. Can you already tell us what you would choose?

Madison Walker Interior Design Expert
Ceiling mounted electric heater
Gina Rivera

Thanks to the infrared function-nowadays too warm in our home, besides love - we have also the celling mounted space heater. It is not loud and has no luminous panel. Equipped with a thermostat - and a beautiful, minimalist design - a white square, thin bezel.

Ceiling mounted space heater 1
Christina Gon

This amazing commercial fan space heater comes with a convenient option to mount to to the ceiling and provide you with more than enough comfort for your household, making it a perfect option for the most demanding of people.

Ceiling mounted electric heaters
Mackenzie Milani

Smiths Skyline Ceiling CT4E Mounted Electric Fan Convector

Ceiling mounted space heater 14

Long and strong winter in the US make a need of designing the device, which could help to protect your house against cold. This 1500 Watt electric radiantheater could be used in any type of space, but should be installed at a minimum height 96".

Garage Shop 1,200 Watt Ceiling Mount Electric Radiant Heater

Garage Shop 1,200 Watt Ceiling Mount Electric Radiant Heater
This electric heater is a ceiling mounted product that provides heat. It features a very effective quartz heating element. It has also got an overheat protection, so it is very safe in use. Full size of this device is 27'' H x 16'' W x 6'' D.

Ceiling Mounted Electric Infrared Utility Heater
Latoya Wat

Ceiling Mounted Electric Infrared Utility Heater
This kind of device is a ceiling mounted heater. It is an electric, infrared equipment that has got a system of wide heat distribution. It is very effective and safe in use. This heater is great for indoor applications.

Ceiling hung heaters
Sarah Col

Ceiling Cassette Systems – Fujitsu Ductless Mini-Splits: bathroom/upstairs addition solution? Beauty of the minisplit without the wall mounted unit.

Ceiling mount heater
Cintia Brook

Dimplex Industrial Unit 3,750 Watt Ceiling Mount Space Heater CUH05B31T

Ceiling mounted propane heater
Mega Leahbrown

Fahrenheat Ceiling-Mount Industrial Heater — 7500 Watt, Model# FUH724 | Electric Garage Industrial Heaters| Northern Tool + Equipment

Ceiling mounted space heater
Cintia Brook

Electric space heater suitable for ceiling mounting. It provides heat and light in small areas. This construction is based on metal in neutral black color. Glass walls provide protection to sources of light and heat.

Ceiling mounted infrared heaters
Veronica Lop

Outdoor Living Room with slate floors, a vaulted wood paneled ceiling, fan, fireplace, two ceiling mounted propane heaters, roll down transparent sun shades and in-ceiling speakers

Ceiling space heaters
Wesson Jessica

A fabulous patio where you can spend time even during cold or rainy days due to the heaters which are installed in a wooden ceiling. A cushioned sofa, recliners and a soft carpet create an elegant but cozy atmosphere.

Ceiling mounted space heater 2

ProFusion Heat Ceiling-Mount Electric Garage Heater — 17,065 BTU, 240 Volts, Model# PH-945

Ceiling mounted furnace
Jillian Bel

Iron Ring Ceiling Mount

Ceiling mounted space heater 17
Shannon Lewis

Our Ducoterra Sola Ray heating panels are the thinnest in the industry and can be mounted to or suspended from your ceiling. They add sun-like warmth to indoor spaces and are much more efficient than traditional heaters.

Ceiling mounted heater

This covered deck has it all. There is a fireplace with a TV mounted above it for when it gets too dark to see the view. A full kitchen lets you handle all the food prep out here instead of being stuck in the kitchen. Bar stools at a counter looking out o

Electric ceiling mounted heaters

ProFusion Ceiling-Mount Garage Heater — 17,065 BTU, 240 Volts

Ceiling mounted heaters electric
Abigail Wrightful

Deluxe Ceiling Mount Garage Heater

Ceiling mounted space heater
Zernike Laetitia

ProTemp Ceiling-Mount Electric Turbo Heater — 17,000 BTU, 240 Volts ...

Ceiling mounted space heater 21
Jenna Baker

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King Electrical 1000-Watt Electric Forced-Air Wall Heater #W2410
Denise Grif

King Electrical 1000-Watt Electric Forced-Air Wall Heater #W2410

Ceiling mounted radiant heaters
Mary Brown

Optimus H-9010 Garage/Shop Ceiling or Wall Mount Utility Heater. Perfect for your garage or shop setting and can be ceiling or wall mounted. Detail at

Ceiling mounted space heater 24

The Inspiration Archipod- a little coconut-looking circle pod room thing that I would very much like to see up close and maybe sit in to read.

Ceiling mounted space heater 11
Caitlin Camp


Ceiling mounted space heater 6
Abbey Kowalski

Black Steel Wall Mounted Infrared Patio Heater

Ceiling mount heaters
Patterson Gracie

RedStone™ Ceiling Mount Quartz Heater - Tractor Supply Co.

Ceiling mounted space heater 10
Renee Ross

Garage/SHP WL Mount Portable Utility Heater

Ceiling mounted space heater 26
Krystal Howard

No matter the weather, guests staying at the Resort at Pelican Hill can sit comfortably outside thanks to Infratech's W-Series heaters flush mounted into the plaster ceiling.

Ceiling infrared heaters
Roberts Isabelle

Hydrofarm Reflector Unit Radiant Ceiling Mount Space Heater RDUN

Ceiling mounted heaters
Kathryn Nel

Fan Forced Ceiling Mount Electric Space Heater

Ceiling mount electric heater
Patterson Gracie

A coved front porch will help create a comfortable space-a ceiling height of 8' to 9' tends to feel best. Allow overhangs, especially at the entrance to the front porch. Keep the porch raised up off the ground. This will help to create a sense of security

Ceiling mounted space heater 13

40000 BTU Liquid Propane Garage Radiant Heater

Tpi cp series 500 watt radiant ceiling mount electric space

TPI CP Series 500 Watt Radiant Ceiling Mount Electric Space Heater

Ceiling mounted space heater 5
Patterson Gracie

Mul-T-Mount 17,065 BTU Infrared Ceiling Mount Electric Space Heater Reflector Pattern: 60° Symmetrical, Finish: Brown Housing, Volts: 240 -

Ceiling mounted space heater 8

Comfort Zone Ceiling-Mount Garage Heater — 17,065 BTU, 240 Volts, Model# 125132

Ceiling mounted space heater 25
Carmen Kowalski

Calcana Heaters are ceiling or directional wall mount for your outdoor space !

Reflector Unit Radiant Ceiling Mount Space Heater

Reflector Unit Radiant Ceiling Mount Space Heater
Efficient electric radiant heater designed to mount on ceilings. It has an aesthetic compact multi-sided housing of tempered steel with a white coating and aluminium interior. It emits quite bright light.

Ceiling mounted space heater 18
Wesson Jessica

A stand alone covered area for Alfresco dining that doesnt block too much sun to the house. Would mount outdoor heater ceiling panels into it also - Sunrise Vista - contemporary - patio - seattle - Coop 15 Architecture

Ceiling mounted space heater 7
Mendes Natasha

Firesense Hanging Stainless Steel Halogen Patio Heater runs on regular household electric current and creates no harmful emissions or toxic residuals, so it can be used indoors and out; $159.99 at Amazon.

Ceiling mounted space heater 3
Thompson Alyssa

Broan Nutone Fan Forced Ceiling Mount Electric Space Heater 154

Ceiling mounted space heater 9
Carmen Kowalski

A bright blue ceiling emulates the Hudson Valley, New York, sky and extends the feeling of daylight hours.

Ceiling mounted space heater 19
Amber Lon

Erlab Halo, the new ceiling-mounted laboratory grade filtration units.

Electric heaters ceiling mounted
Peyton Marthy

With some side doors that lift up and down, this might work

Ceiling mounted space heater 4
Margaret Miller

Iron Ring Ceiling Mount

Ceiling mounted space heater 15
Cintia Brook

'Artwork in the entranceway includes Huseyin Sami's ceiling-mounted Winter Mobile and Michael Lindeman's Chips - a quirky collection of shrunken chip packets.'

Ceiling mounted space heater 16

Frosted infrared tube heating elements create a glare-free amber glow - Bromic Tungsten Smart-Heat Infrared Electric Patio Heater

Ceiling mounted space heater 20
Jenna Edward

SOLAIRA SALPHAH2-40240S Electric Infrared Heater,13,648 BtuH by SOLAIRA. $780.30. Electric Infrared Heater, Indoor/Outdoor Indoor/Outdoor, Mounting Type Wall/Ceiling/Suspended, 4000 Watts, BtuH Output 13,648, Voltage 240, 16.66 Amps @ 1 PhaseBeam Pattern

Ceiling mounted space heater 22

08WQ1 PanasonicWhisperWall 70 CFM Wall Mounted Fan At:-$273.00 This WhisperWall fan was designed specifically for through-the-wall mounting to provide ventilation in rooms where a ceiling mounted fan is not possible.

Ceiling mounted space heater 23

SOLAIRA SALPHAH2-60240S Electric Infrared Heater,20,472 BtuH by SOLAIRA. $1332.57. Electric Infrared Heater, Indoor/Outdoor Indoor/Outdoor, Mounting Type Wall/Ceiling/Suspended, 6000 Watts, BtuH Output 20,472, Voltage 240, 25 Amps @ 1 PhaseBeam Pattern 50

Ceiling mounted space heater 27

this pool house remodel has thought of everything, from airplane hangar doors to ceiling mounted heaters....modern exterior by Cairn Construction Inc