Cat Perch Tree

Does your cat like such perch trees? The solutions that you can see below, have already inspired many people and their pets. As far as these constructions, designs, shapes and sizes are concerned, they are not the same. Nevertheless, they have proved to be a nice thing and now you can also buy any of them.

Ideas By Amelia Hughes
28" Premier Window Cat Perch

28" Premier Window Cat Perch

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32" Premier Triple Cat Perch
If you are looking for an interesting proposal to play for your cat, this is made on the basis of wood cat perch is a great solution. Soft carpet finish provides comfort fun. Interesting steps provide fun for long.

32" Premier Triple Cat Perch
If you are looking for an interesting proposal to play for your cat, this is made on the basis of wood cat perch is a great solution. Soft carpet finish provides comfort fun. Interesting steps provide fun for long.

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Top 10 Entertaining DIY Cat Trees
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Do I have any kitty lovers out there? Ia this DIY Cat Window Perch as awesome as I think it is??
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Come for the Coffee, Stay for the Cats! Italian Eatery Designed for People and Cats — Professional Project | Apartment Therapy
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DIY for cheap! Not sure if I pinned this one yet...if I have, it's just that awesome :)
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Ever wish you were a cat? You will now.
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Cool hanging cat tree
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cat-tree-leap-sleep  So this is... basically a step ladder with carpet on it. Could probably make it, although still not pretty.
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Lack the space but want a kitty's an idea!
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How To Make Floating Shelves and Install Them Tutorial.....the cats are just happy because they think their human built them a toy
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Lotus Cat Tower  I know Jackson loves these.
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This site has great ideas for building cat structures.  It will help you become that crazy cat person that you know you are.
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I'm on the hunt for cat tree ideas to expand my small New York Apartment. My kitties need some territory! Cat Tree Hanging Shelf Unit Set of 2 by WODdawgApparel on Etsy, $75.00
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Pinner stated: "It said for a doll house. But through some carpet on there and you have an awesome cat condo." A tree house for a cat:) #cats #CatTree #TreeHouse
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Seriously creative cat lovers on this planet. "Lurv it" is the correct blurb in this situation
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Gallery of recommended rabbit housing | Rabbit hutch photos | Pictures of alternative living areas for bunnies
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The Cat Window Perch provides a comfortable and large surface for your cat to rest while enjoying the view or laying in the sun. Keeps cat off your precious furniture. Secures easily to your windowsill.
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Awesome for those up high areas that you don't want/know what to decorate with
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Creative idea for a cat tree that doesnt look like a wall of carpet
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i'm doing this for all the cats i'm going to have one day...
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My attempt to keep the cats off the furniture, with a small footprint.
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Finally, a good looking (but expensive) CAT TREE... - ClimbaTree by SAYSCULPTURES on Etsy, $1390.00
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It's like a vertical cat tube tower. And a giant scratching post. Want!
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Cat tree and toys. Have to have this!!! here to find out more
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Forget the "Cat Tower" I want it as a book shelf.      Skyline Cat Tower By Catsuphigh by CatsUpHigh on Etsy, $150.00
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Cat tree-awesome-love that it looks a lot like a natural tree
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Original link did not have purchase info but found a similar cat climbing town "On sale" on Etsy for $215.50.
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Here’s another cat-friendly DIY project from IKEA Hacker, this time using the Stolmen clothes storage system components to create a minimal and extremely functional cat climber.
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This tall cat activity tree with hammock is specially designed for those who love heights. A great pole for up to four fully grown cats. The only problem you will have is who gets the top cat bed!
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Tree of Life. This looks like it is an actual tree on the wall! Really amazing!
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Really cool modular cat perches. This perch uses an IKEA stolman closet pole and clamps, and then you purchase the steps and platforms from Whisker Studio. The last picture on the home page is really cool, but unfortunately is in Flash so I can't post it
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Cat tree by LinaV. This is so badass I cant even. I want one in every room of my home right now.
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A House Built Around The Trees—enough said // Casa Corallo by Paz Arquitectura
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Emmett would LOVE this! Not only could he perch and wait for the dog to walk by and sneak-attack him... he could snack on the leaves... lol... a-hole!
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Crazy cool cat furniture that you can actually afford (i.e. make yourself vs. buy for $800 through SkyMall)!
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Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at
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DIY Wall Cat Perches | Tale of Two Kitties and their Cat Wall System
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plant stand image | Cedar Log Plant Stands, Outdoor Plant Stand, Log Home Plant Stands ...
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fabrica + tai carpets: from the floor up at designer days
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(diy) shiitake cat tree by happiestcat on Etsy
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talk about hand in the cookie in the birdhouse
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Perfect kitty tower made with wood for scratching...
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Curved pet beds
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Your cat will love napping on this bed. You will love the stylish, space-saving design.
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SOLID press board constructed from 2x4s, 2x3s, and heavy plywood.  The cat towers and cat furniture in the pet stores are usually made out of press board and hollow supports.   It measures approx 58 inches tall with a 24 x 24 inch base. The top
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I have these and they're great! They look good and my cats loves them. DIY Cat Shelves
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Beautiful scratching post and perch for cats - so much better than those ugly carpet poles!
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"Put kitty on a shelf:  In the words of Jackson Galaxy ”Cats need vertical space; it enables them to survey their world from a safe perspective.” If you don’t have room for cat towers, or just don’t like their aesthetic, cat shelves are a g
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