Cat Litter Boxes Furniture

A litter box is probably one of the least appealing objects in the house. Fortunately, there are ways how to cover it. Take a look below to find out more about the cat litter boxes furniture which I found on the web. It's a simple way to hide what shouldn't be visible and yet let the pet use the box freely.

Amanda Donaldson Interior Design Expert
Cat litter boxes furniture

Double cat litter box cabinet for many cats. It holds two trays and its construction protects surrounding areas from unpleasant odor. Durable wooden construction is very stable and resistant to different forms of damage.

Kitty litter boxes furniture
Alexander Jennifer


Cat litter box furniture 16
Weber Lily

Choose a litter box that will easily pass as a piece of convenient and functional furtniture like this one. You can both enjoy its practical use for your pet and benefit from the extra surface space it offers.

Cat litter boxes furniture 1
Alexis Millerism

This ingenuine idea shows how conveniently you can solve the issue of a cat litter box. An exsertile drawer, built-in a plasterboard, will smoothly hide all the unpleasant smells and visual effects.

Custom litter box furniture
Alexis Milani

I like this idea for a place to keep a cat litter box in a bathroom...

Litter Box Enclosure
Jacqueline Cole

Litter Box Enclosure
This litter box enclosure keeps your home odor-free and hygienic, allowing for a beautiful addition to your interior that proves to be utmost practical and can easily serve as an extra surface space as well as a litter.

Cat litter boxes furniture 4
Caitlin Phillips

IKEA Hackers: Cat litter box in a living room, why not? - this is for you Julie!

Cat litter boxes furniture 8
Thomson Marisa

IKEA Hackers: Effektively hiding a cat box;

Cat litter boxes furniture 7

A cool DIY-made cat litter box converted from a casual bathroom cabinet of wooden materials in white. It has a cuboidal frame and a full toe-kick. It's equipped with a drawer and 2 doors with metal knobs, a removable tray and a round entry on a side.

Litter Catch for the Refined Litter Box Enclosure
Michelle Ross

Litter Catch for the Refined Litter Box Enclosure
This closable container in espresso brown with pierced doors will accommodate a cat litter box inside with no cost to elegance of an interior decor. It is made of solid wood and designed for a lifetime usage.

Decorative Litter Box Cover
Mega Leahbrown

Decorative Litter Box Cover
Decorative and solid, this Decorative Litter Box Enclosure made out of wicker brings a contemporary style to your home. The litter box has glide rails for easy moving, and an access hole for your kitty.

Quick Clean Cat Litter Box
Martinez Marisa

Quick Clean Cat Litter Box
Permit easy cleaning of your cat's litter and prevent bacterial growth. It offers a covered design, which provides enough privacy for your pet and lets you avoid odor, while the sifting pan and built-in scoop makes it even more convenient.

CatGenie Litter Box

CatGenie Litter Box
This modern and very practical litter box is a great furniture for your pet. Easy to keep clean is very practical and functional. It is an aesthetic and functional as your pet has a place for your needs.

Cat litter boxes furniture 3
Andrea Youn

Still want to do something like this for my 6 cats (:

Cat litter box furniture 15
Wright Stacy

Cat litter box in elegant form. It is made of wood with antique finish. Application in all kinds of interiors according to taste and need.

Merry Pet Products Pet House, Litterbox Cover and Night Stand, Walnut, 20.5" D x 19" W x 25"H
Lopez Amy

Merry Pet Products Pet House, Litterbox Cover and Night Stand, Walnut, 20.5" D x 19" W x 25"H

Cat litter boxes furniture
Bianca Weberable


Cat litter boxes furniture 2

IKEA Hackers: BESTA Kitty Loo

Cat litter boxes furniture 5

Litterbox Cover Ikea Hack | hole cut in the back for cat access

Kitty litter furniture 2
Isabella Martinable

It is very easy to hide the unassuming cat litter box. This wooden kitty box furniture has a place to hide the cat litter inside - but it has also a comfortable entrance so that the cat can use it, anytime. Features dark gray color and made of ecological wood.

Large Litter Box Hider Finish: White
Krystal Alexander

A large litter box hider in a white, neutral finish - it will look amazing in a contemporary design and can blend well in a living room or kitchen, while giving your pet the much needed privacy and hiding the litter box from your guests.

Creative litter boxes
Wesson Jessica

Creative Litter Boxes

Multifunctional Home Decor Hidden Litter Box Pet Cat Washroom With Night Stand White
Alison Long

A multi-functional pet house - it can hide the unsightly litter box and the classic design with the stainless steel hardware makes it look really good in your home. Your cat will find a new place to rest or sleep and will certainly feel safe.

Large Litter Box Hider
Bianca Noorda

Large Litter Box Hider
This comprehensive cat litter box is also a stylish end table. Solidly made of robust and works well in many ways. The chrome frame and solid construction of wood gives it an elegant dimension.

Tio2 bluewave
Gina Lewis

10 Ideas for Disguising or Hiding a Litter Box

Hider Cat Litter Box
Wilson Gabrielle

Hider Cat Litter Box
Hide your cat's litter box perfectly with this hider in the most versatile, white finish. It can easily serve as an extra surface space and with the modern decor, it will allow you to compliment your interior style.

Covered Hidden Cat Litter Box with Decorative Planter
Veronica Cook

Covered Hidden Cat Litter Box with Decorative Planter
If you're looking for a way to hide the cat litter at your home you can do this in a stylish way with this amazing piece, that can double as a decorative planter. It features the cutout door that provide easy access for cats.

Pet Studio MDF Litter Box Cat Cabinet, Mahogany
Elizabeth Coupe

Discrete and stylishly designed Litter Box Cat Cabinet that keeps all the unwanted odors inside. Wooden construction is decorated in colored pull knobs and other finishes, which give it more of an antique appearance.

Cat Washroom Bench Litter Box Enclosure
Stone Caroline

This practical Cat Washroom Bench can fit in any size litter box. Removable partition wall gives the possibility to store litter and other useful accessories. The bench is easy to maintain, and quite durable.

Modern Cat Designs Litter Box Hider - Brown
Natasha Wrig

Stylish modern litter box hider for cat lovers that value the superior home decor. This hider is made from durable materials, features elegant dark mahogany finish and polished chrome accents. The top is removable for easier cleaning.

Litter Box Enclosure Finish: Espresso
Carmen Milani

A litter box enclosure finish, designed perfectly to hold a standard large-sized litter pan. It looks amazing in your household - bedroom, living room or any other area, offering you a way to keep the litter box hidden from your guests.

Cat Condo and Litter Box Cabinet

Can condo and litter box. This intelligently designed furniture is a perfect choice for cat owners. The interior may be used as a litter box or pet house with removable carpet. It also features a unique left or right side pet-access panel.

Multifunctional Pet Cat Washroom Bench With Hidden Litter Box Cover Enclosure White
Jamie John

This is surely a great solution - the design combines a bench with the functionality of cat washroom, which will fit any size litter box, including the extra-large one and the removable partition wall creates a space to store litter, scoop and other supplies.

Domestic Pet Cat Litter Boxes Espresso Cat Washroom And Night Stand Brilliant

Cat washroom and a night stand. This brilliant furniture combines a cat's litter box and a simple night stand. The interior is the litter box which will keep
the litter and the odor away. The top is an elegant night table which may be used as a display or a storage for many items.

Cat Condo & Litter Box Enclosure
Renee And

Cat Condo & Litter Box Enclosure
With this litter box enclosure you will easily keep your home clean and litter free, since the piece features a cutout door that allows easy access even for big cats. The structure from rubber wood is extra durable and strong.

Litter Box with Shield and Scoop
Mendes Natasha

Litter Box with Shield and Scoop
It is a litter box with shield and scoop that is perfect for your lovely cats. It has got a high-polish finish so It is very easy to clean. It will make your life easier and cleaner. You need to have it.

Enclosure Cat Litter Box
Megan Russell

Enclosure Cat Litter Box
Cozy and very cute Litter Box Enclosure – a perfect litter box for your kitty. The litter box has a handy lid for quick cleaning, and an enter hole for a cat. The fabric is water resistant, construction is made from lasting wood, and the box also minimizes the odors.

Designer Cat Litter Box with Flower Cover

Designer Cat Litter Box with Flower Cover
A Japanese person would say that this litter box is truly kawaii! The cute flower cover makes it unusually lovable to have at your place, instead of boring gry boxes you'd usually encounter. It has a one year warranty.

Designer Cat Litter Box with Metallic Cover
Cintia Kowalski

Designer Cat Litter Box with Metallic Cover
This fashionable cat litter box will comprise a perfect complement for a modern decor. Forget the dull, ordinary litter boxes - this one will become an integral element of your modern decor. It has a futuristic metallic finish that enhances its chic looks.

Self Cleaning Litter Box
Liliana Gadjus

Self Cleaning Litter Box
This self-cleaning litter box is a great idea for you and your pet. It is very practical and stylish looks. This allows your pet to enjoy the comfort of a quiet place. Made of plastic is very light and durable.

Catit Hooded Cat Litter Pan
Cintia Brook

Catit Hooded Cat Litter Pan
Kitties are cute animals but their litter pans often stink to the nth degree. This littler pan for cats will seal the odor and provide your furry friend with privacy. The plastic door swings and your kitty can easily enter and quit the box.

Ultimate Litter Box

Ultimate Litter Box
This standard litter box is the perfect solution for your cat. Delights with beautiful colors and solid material from which it is made - plastic ensures its durability. Perfect for every day.

Cat litter cabinet cat condo 1
Thomson Marisa

Cat Litter Cabinet/Cat Condo

What a great idea could modify for cat to hold
Zernike Laetitia

What a great idea---could modify for cat to hold litter box on bottom and food dishes on top rather than bed.

Catit Jumbo Cat Litter Pan
Liliana Gadjus

Catit Jumbo Cat Litter Pan
This jumbo vat litter pan is a great piece of furniture for your pet. You can easily move it using the handy handle. Made of solid materials is robust, and the internal carbon cartridge provides neutralizing odors.

Sifting Frame Cat Litter Pan
Carmen Kowalski

Sifting Frame Cat Litter Pan

Large litter box furniture 1
Stephanie Flo

... door cut out for the cat to enter, and pull out the pan for cleaning

Cat Litter Gitter Pan
Craven Zoe

Cat Litter Gitter Pan
Aesthetic practical rectangular litter box for cats. It is made of durable leak-proof grey and white plastic. It has smooth edges, a built-in scoop and a removable sifting pan. It can be used outdoor.

Kitty litter boxes furniture 3
Laetitia Anderson

the catbox kitty litter boxes cat litter furniture cat litter boxes ...

Wooden cat litter box furniture
Scott Stephanie

furniture for your dogs and cats mandaue foam philippines cat litter ...