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A playhouse is many children's dream. It inspires their imagination and invites for long hours of play. Check out the playhouses I've stumbled upon on the web. Which of them would make your kid jump over the Moon? Here's the collection.

Ideas By Laetitia Anderson
Ventura Platform Bed Rails

Ventura Platform Bed Rails

Found by EdwardsStephanie+4
Egerton Arm Chair (Set of 2)

Egerton Arm Chair (Set of 2)

Found by JaclynRus+4
I wouldn't make *these* play houses but I love the idea of making a thing you can throw over a table that turns it into a play house.
Found by AmyWilliams+4
Is there any child who doesn’t like a fort or cubby house to play in? This western saloon would surely never be empty!  This fort was inspired by saloon style playhouses sold online. But instead of buying, the owners decided to build their own!  Learn h
Found by ShannonHarr+4
SO ADORABLE!!!!  Playhouse under the stairs
Found by ChristineAlex+259
I don’t know about you, but I always see dumpy old TV consoles like this on the side of the road/free on Craigslist. How perfect would THIS be?? Cheaper AND less work than a fort or outdoor playhouse and WAYYY cheaper than buying something like this! Pl
Found by JuliaJones+270
Tutorial: DIY outdoor playhouse tent. I pinned this yesterday, but not in garden. Having visited my local huge hardware store to look at small greenhouses I think this would make a great greenhouse with  the side panels added. Yes?
Found by MrMackenzieGarcia+11
How to make cheap sheds.
Found by aaliyahthomas1+31
$10 yard sale playhouse  $25 spray paint and tape    $35 best investment I've ever made by lorene
Found by NicoleLee+3
Beautiful playhouse for the kids.The round porthole windows under the gable bring sunlight & air to the loft space, making it the perfect place to read or take a nap.
Found by WardJenna+15
DIY cardboard play dome for the kids - totally doable with just a few moving boxes!  Very cool idea and much cheaper than buying one.
Found by NatalieMart+139
little playhouse from a cardboard box - this is SO great. And also inexpensive. A great DIY idea (with tutorial). Wouldn't this be a great BIG present to see on Christmas Morning?! #giftidea
Found by AndersonMarisa+179
bunk bed house. Elle Decore. Create a facade to fit in front of a set of bunk beds you can buy used.
Found by SuperLaurenPotter+182
TARDIS playhouse pattern by DesignKidsHabitat on Etsy. (That's my little guy in the photo:-) It even has a room at the back to make it "bigger on the inside"!
Found by AlexisMillerism+3
Love this family backyard!! Playhouse for the kids under the backyard porch!
Found by SarahMiller29+1
Trampoline tent. This tent fixture ($`250, plus delivery from the UK) clips onto the edge of a circular trampoline, converting it into a tent or backyard playhouse for kids. It features four windows and two zip-up doors, and comes with a waterproof fly sh
Found by CravenRachel+4
cardboard_playhouse  build a dream playhouse  like the ice cream truck
Found by BrittanyJoh+19
Dining table playhouse...this item is pictured in an Etsy shop (it's sold), but I think you could fairly easily recreate it.  The key elements are the windows and the door.  You can buy the clear acrylic at a fabric or home improvement store for the windo
Found by TheDianaBanks+144
Uhhhh this is a pirate ship play house....that costs $52,000.00.....WOW
Found by AmberGar+29
very cool. modern kids' playhouse.
Found by jasminedavies1000+3
California dreaming indeed! This fun-filled replica features a Great Room, sleeping loft, and Art Center! An elevated walkway runs the entire length of the Great Room connecting an exterior balcony with the interior sleeping loft. Topped off with faux fir
Found by ChloeHughesful+159
Hobbit Home-Burn down your neighborhood and live in your own little version of the Shire with these real life Hobbit homes. Perfect for camping out in your backyard with your little halflings, these Lord Of The Rings inspired play houses will make that ol
Found by paigewalkerpaige+2
Before & After: Backyard Shed to "Small Piece of Heaven" Playhouse
Found by TheAmandaGosselin+4
A girl and a glue gun: cardboard playhouse
Found by AnnaRichardson+105
You’ve seen the felt houses. You’ve seen the ones you can buy at walmart for hundreds of dollars. Introducing: The cardboard playhouse. Cost:  maybe $10 STart with a BIG box: lucky for me my sis in law just unpacked her new stove!!!! cut out some w
Found by AlyssaCole100+2
I like this because you can put it away and furry little creatures cannot 'mess' in your kids sandbox!
Found by JulieRus+135
Study or reading time is WAY more fun when it's done inside a bright fabric canopy playhouse! Click above to buy one.
Found by AngelaPric+263
Would love to have a reading spot like this... that's incredible.  Kids would LOVE it!
Found by SimmonsCynthia+5
This Kids' House:     A life-sized playhouse is every kid's dream, but it can come with a hefty price tag. This 5x7 model, which has real cedar shingles and a working door and window, costs about $3,500 for the pre-cut wood and plans. But if you think you
Found by LilyCravenable+1
Kids' House    The kids house was build as an intriguing and playful structure that both could serve as a sleeping space or playhouse.    Painted mdf, with blackboard on one side and Lego panels on the other. 2m x 2.2m X 1.8m
Found by KarenGon+1
A fabulous Woodshire installation showing the sod roof potential of this design, and we got to do it as a wish for a child through the Make-a-Wish Foundation!
Found by MackenzieMilani+210
Buy a Unique and Fun Hobbit Hole Playhouse - Hobbit Hole playhouses, chicken coops, doghouses, more!
Found by carolinepatterson1+1
{Cardboard Dream Machine by Build a Dream Playhouses} *Usually I am not a big fan of "pre-designed cardboard castles" but for some reason, this really cracks me up. Oh the places they would go!
Found by KimberlyCole+206
This is way better than buying a swing set that can easily cost way more and be outgrown a lot sooner.
Found by SuperLaurenPotter+5
A mezzanine level of this playhouse is accessible by a ladder, and sliding panels are integrated into the design so that occupants can peer outside.
Found by BrownKatherine+189
Cubby house made from apple crates
Found by TiffanySan+4
Little Cottage Sara Victorian Mansion    I have to admit that this one kind of shocks me simply by it's size. That's a huge playhouse. Does it have two stories? Would you need to fill it with furniture?   Buy here: Walmart for $6,199.98
Found by JessicaZernike+22
Wish we had seen this before doing Audra's fabric playhouse, would have been inspired to add more ruffles, or drapes, or do a round window.
Found by ElizabethHowa+1
Snack Shack  by Build a Dream Playhouses
Found by AmberPowe+4
Kid: Gift | OTO Taco Truck - OTO trucks are big food truck playhouses for kids. They're made out of cardboard and feature super detailed illustrations. They have a shop window that opens on the side and you can print your own custom license plates on thei
Found by RaquelStone12+40
what a cool toy!! Little Tikes Race 'n' Refuel Pit Stop Playhouse
Found by RaquelStone1+83
A gorgeous $24,000 kids cottage playhouse.. If I had the extra money I'd buy this and live in it. =)
Found by AmandaMart+5
HOLY COW!!!  Mediterranean Villa PLAYhouse. You can also get...  Comprehensive interior design services are also available through designer Michelle Pollak who helps clients with a variety of interior details such as window treatments, moldings, paint col
Found by ElizabethCoupe+4
Peyton's bed- It was a lot of work but the plans were quite easy to follow.  We did have to go out and buy one special tool to build the rails but it was relatively cheap in the whole scheme of things.
Found by ZernikeLaetitia+3
How to make a fun kids' clubhouse out of roller shades.     #crafts #kids
Found by MultiKateAnderson+5
Playhouses - Hobbit Hole playhouses, chicken coops, sheds, cottages, saunas, more!
Found by CintiaKowalski+294
Playhouse on a deck, that grows into a full playground.
Found by RileyThompson1+2
kids play house // i wonder if I could buy one of those for myself and put it on someone's property.
Found by EvansLiliana+210
.I'm going to buy an old trailor like this and turn it into a playhouse for Grand babies!! How fun!
Found by alexsandrawilson+3
Playhouse Loft Bed with Stairs - So cute and could grow with the child from a playhouse to a reading/music area, etc.
Found by NatalieHend+126