Bathroom Free Standing Shelves

Ample storage in the bathroom is priceless. You don’t want to keep all those beauty and hygiene accessories on display, right? On the other hand, there are things such a perfume bottles or makeup stuff that you don’t want to hide, and that’s where open shelving comes into play. Below you will find some examples of bathroom free standing shelves, including ones that you can make yourself.

Alexis Hall Interior Design Expert
Free standing glass shelves
Peterson Michelle

A pretty, free-standing shelving unit in a white color that captivates with simple elegance. It's a top choice for a bathroom as you will find there place for all your necessities such as towels or cosmetics.

Diy corner shelf unit

The shower caddy corner shelf will help you to storage your bathroom accessories in one place. The wooden construction and three deep shelves fit perfectly to the classic bathroom.

Bathroom free standing shelves
Christine Hayes

A pretty contemporary bathroom standing unit of wooden materials in white. It has a rectangular top and an open base with low legs. Two size-varied cabinets with shelves have doors glazed with opaque glass. Doors and a drawer have metal C-handles.


It is a lovely Caraway free standing cabinet that has got a soft white finish and adjustable shelves. It is perfect for your bathroom and for storing towels and more. If you want you can put it in your kitchen for storing spices, dishes and more.

Free standing corner shelves
Yulia Thompson

With this free-standing shelf unit you will not only get a stylish and sturdy piece, but also space-saving and practical. Crafted of wood and bathed in a white finish, the unit includes 7 square open shelves for knick-knacks, pot plants, framed pictures, etc.

Bathroom free standing shelves 1
Jennifer Will

A simple practical freestanding bathroom shelving unit crafted of wood with a reddish finish. Its A-shaped frame resembles a folding ladder. It's equipped with 3 rectangular width-varied shelves having elevated edges.

Bathroom free standing shelves 1
Wesson Jessica

... Glass Shelves : Fascinating Free Standing Corner Black Bathroom Glass

Free standing glass shelves

Why not choose something a bit different and opt for these free standing shelves that bring plenty of space and room to any setting, allowing you to organize your towels and cosmetics. They sports the beautiful white finish and simple yet elegant design.

RiverRidge X-Frame Bathroom Towel Tower - White
Dominique Alex

Fashionable X-frame bathroom tower. This functional furniture can be used to help you organize and tidy up your bathroom or any other room. It has been designed in attractive transparent way and features 3 shelves and the top.

Bathroom free standing shelves 6
Wilson Gabrielle

Avano 3468SA Sumatra 68" Free Standing Whirlpool Tub with 22 Air Jets and 3 Speed Air Jet Blower

Bathroom free standing shelves
Veronica Ada

Bathroom Shelving Units Photos

Free standing mirror with storage shelves

Ikea GORM Seed Starting Shelf with grow Lights off (Medium) - for free behind Lowes with the pallets

Peppercorn Free Standing Cabinet
Colleen Hen

Peppercorn Free Standing Cabinet
It is a very interesting and practical cabinet for various trinkets. Perfect for both in the corridors, living room and bedroom. It consists of cabinet with doors and shelve. Everything is dark brown and very stylish.

Bathroom free standing shelves 16

Nice things: Beautiful bathroom ideas - Όμορφες ιδέες για το μπάνιο #decoration #bathroom #bathroomdecoration

Bathroom free standing shelves 13
White Laura

An amazing built-in cabinet paired with the more rustic look of exposed plumbing in a bronze finish. {via Sköna Hem}

Bathroom free standing shelves 5
Sarah Coll

Repurpose our old TV armoire into a free standing linen closet. Just needs a few coats of paint!

Bathroom free standing shelves 4
Caitlin Nel

Vintage 40s Wood Kitchen Cabinet Shelves Free Standing Small Space Antique White | eBay

Bathroom free standing shelves
Michelle Ward

loft kitchen - cheap / practical ikea rugs, middle island sink, could be bar stool table, extra shelving unit


Bathroom free standing shelves 21

chic walk-in closet, pink closet, gray closet. Purses on one side. Dresses on the other. Wide full length mirror

With a built in instead of free standing tub i

With a built in (instead of free standing) tub, I really like the display/storage shelves as built-ins at one end. I've seen this a lot and like it. Bathroom

Bathroom free standing shelves 7
April Bar

simple modern white bath shelving tray table sculptural tub hallway light

Free standing linen cabinets 7
Laetitia Kloss

The calming bathroom in the cream shades. The very interesting element of stylization is a ceramic stool. It fits to many types of decor, but there is also useful, because the ceramics is waterproof and you can put there some cosmetics.

Bathroom free standing shelves 3
Emily Rivera

I want to make this! DIY Furniture Plan from A modern shelf, freestanding.

How to build stand alone shelves
Mackenzie Poly

Ashley Rose’s Houston Townhouse Tour // DIY wooden shelves // ikea hack // shelf styling // marquee light // living room storage // Photography by Kimberly Chau

Bathroom free standing shelves

Built-In Storage: Enhance bathroom storage with built-ins. Use open shelves to hold everyday items. Store cotton swabs and cotton balls in glass canisters and keep washcloths in baskets. Stash cleaning supplies out of sight in the lower cabinet.

Free standing linen cabinets 10
Mary Pow

Getting your guest bathroom ready for the holidays means more than doing just a quick wipe down. Make sure it's clean and organized so visitors can find what they need without having to dig through piles of old lotion bottles.

Bathroom free standing shelves
Allen Alicia

White Cottage bathroom. I would paint the walls a sea blue shade.

Free standing linen cabinets 8

A simple and classy linen storage cabinet that offers the free standing structure and makes for a charming and practical choice for your bathroom, letting you fit more of your belongings in there easily.

Free standing linen cabinets 3
Adriana Andersson

If you’re looking for a nice, handy storage place for your beddings, quilts and blankets, just take a look at this amazing, very traditional, antique bedroom cabinet. A perfect bedroom storage space, with a plenty of space and wonderful look.

Bathroom free standing shelves 2

Bathroom Organization Ideas - How To Organize Your Bathroom - Good Housekeeping

Bathroom standing shelves
Bell Erica

Beautiful large, brown tiles, separate bathtub, wooden shelves and wall feature with white walls and decor.

Bathroom storage units free standing
Cassandra All

I want to make this! DIY Furniture Plan from A free standing storage tower, with varying size shelves. perfect for tight spaces that need extra storage, but still plenty of elbow room.

Kitchen stand alone shelves

Exactly what I envision between toilet and tub for towels, toilet paper, kids toy bucket!

Bathroom standing shelf

Thankfully, adding storage doesn’t require a full-on renovation. Hang shelving on the wall to create space for towels and other knickknacks.

Free standing bathroom shelving
Evans Liliana

This is the kind of storage I love. If I could figure out a spot in the bathroom to do this, that would be great. (though the bolts into the plaster would be a mess and a no-no) A free-standing one would be ideal. One sideways like this for towels in the

Free standing shelves diy
Stacey Pere

Maison De Gaspe la Shed Architecture | An old duplex renovation into a family home in Montreal.

Bathroom free standing shelves 8
Krystal Hall

Bathroom shelves made of glass and reinforced with metal supports. Designed for mounting on the wall. Perfect for storing cosmetics, toiletries and others bathroom accessories.

Bathroom free standing shelves 10
Alexis Milani

For the boys' room Marvelously flexible storage solutions, reputed to have originated in a Rocky Mountain dairy. Free-standing to mix and match in pairs or trios, they’re wrought of distressed iron with brand-new strength and a vintage visage. Import

Bathroom free standing shelves 11
Rogers Alexandra

hidden free standing pantry

Bathroom free standing shelves 12
Lambert Abbey

Free standing kitchen - thinking about something like this storage cabinet for ours

Bathroom free standing shelves 14

This stand alone tub will bring uniqueness to your bathroom. It's nice to get away from the jacuzzi tub surrounded by tile or granite. Bathroom

Bathroom free standing shelves 15
Lisa Ramirez

A freestanding bath and painted tongue and groove panelling on the walls makes for a perfect country bathroom scheme.

Bathroom free standing shelves 17
Adriana Andersson

Master Bathroom 2-For Love of a House

Bathroom free standing shelves 18
Martinez Marisa

pallet wall in powder room designs | ... powder-room-ideas-designs-cute-and-small-powder-room-ideas-for-space

Bathroom free standing shelves 19
Catherine Gray

Tidbits from the Tremaynes apothecary shelf

Bathroom free standing shelves 20
Laura You

Beware, this pin doesn't lead to a site. But, I like the shelving and the photo shows nice details of how it's put together.

Bathroom free standing shelves 2
Jennifer Barnes


Store towels in a vintage crate bathroom ideas bathroom decorating
Bush Eliza

Store towels in a vintage crate | Bathroom ideas | Bathroom decorating | PHOTO GALLERY | Style at Home |

Spa 14.5" x 54.5" Free Standing Linen Tower

Spa 14.5" x 54.5" Free Standing Linen Tower