Bar Stools

Wine Barrel Bar Stools

Wine barrel barstools are not only sturdy seats. To enhance the looks of the bar zone opt for a set made from recycled barrels with wrought iron braces. See if any of the examples below might complement your interior well.

Asian Garden Stools

To infuse the garden with a touch of Asia, opt for Asian garden stools. These unique ceramic pieces of furniture instantly fill the space with the Orient intricate flair and a lot of decoration. Look at the designs below.

Chromcraft Bar Stools

Chromcraft bar stools carry a lot of retro feel. They are perfect additions to contemporary industrial or minimalist interiors which need features of character to enhance the general look. Check my collection below and get some inspiration.

Folding Camp Stools

If camping is your favourite type of spending summer time and you're up to collecting all the necessary camp bits and pieces, here's something for you. Folding camp chairs are indispensable parts of camping furniture. Easy to fold, light and useful whenever you're in need for some extra seating.

Workshop Stools

We all know that workshop furniture has to be functional. Now it can also be nice-looking and interesting. If you don’t believe it, you should take a look at the solutions for workshop stools presented on this site. They come in different styles, sizes and shapes and anyone who spends a lot of time in a workshop, should make use of it.

Extra Tall Bar Stools

Bar stools differ in height so it is not a problem to find a set which best complements the kitchen bar or the dinette area. Here's a collection of extra tall bar stools. The variety is really stunning - from simple wooden designs to elaborate wrought iron styles.

34 Inch Bar Stools

See these bar stools and decide if this is something for yourself. All these options differ when it comes to their size, colour, design and other features. Many people have already become inspired by these stools and what would you say? Have you got your favourite one or are you still looking for it?

African Stools

Stools in African style can be not only pretty but also quite useful. Those who like such designs will find themselves at home here. You can also pick the one you find most appealing, from the variety which is really impressive. Check the available options and tell us what you think.

Brass Barstools

Brass bar stools add a lot of character to the kitchen island. They look stunning both in industrial interiors but also spaces which are Art Deco themed. Check out the lines and upholsteries and get some inspiration in the board below.

Vintage Bar Stools

The kitchen is often the focal point of the interior. People gather her for meals and friendly conversations. Make sure the space is equipped with furniture that makes life comfortable and cosy there. And for more spice and character add some vintage barstools to go beside the kitchen island. Browse our collection below for more inspiration.

High Back Bar Stools

Bar stools are actually quite useful, even if you don’t own a bar. Discover this collection and find the most appropriate bar stool for yourself. Even the most demanding customers should find something for themselves here, regardless of what style they prefer most, as almost everything is here: various designs, sizes and shapes.

Commercial Grade Bar Stools

Need bar stools for your business? Check out commercial grade bar stools. A padded seat makes them a comfortable option and they are well-priced, too. Jump below to see the products I've collected.

Linen Barstools

Introduce some natural chic and simplicity with a set of linen barstools. They look perfect in minimalist Scandinavian interiors but will blend in a lot of other styles too. Check the collection below for more inspiration.

Cream Leather Bar Stools

Seat your family and friends with style. You can do it easily with cream leather barstools which ooze unstudied elegance. Simple, classic lines and padded seat will transform the kitchen island into a chic bar. Have a look below to see the best designs.

Art Deco Barstools

Furniture in a given style can work miracles in a simple and plain interior. With a set of Art Deco barstools the space can easily get unique character underlined by the geometric style of the Art Deco aesthetics. Browse the collection below.

Garden Ridge Bar Stools

For even more sitting comfort choose garden ridge bar stools. You'll appreciate the comfy design while partying with your friends and sipping on fruit drinks at your back garden bar. Check the selection and plan the perfect arrangement.

Harley Davidson Bar Stools

This one will be interesting for motorcycle fans. If this is your style, you should definitely take a closer look at the collection of Harley Davidson bar stools and tables. There is something for everyone who enjoys such themes. If you are ready for a ride… take a seat on these.

Wooden Step Stools

Wood has always been a useful material. As you can see here, some make art of it, even if it’s not for showing off. The vintage step stools presented below can have different functions or be a great toy for kids. I don’t know how about you but I wouldn’t come up with some of these ideas for making a stool!

Wire Bar Stools

To perk up your bar or kitchen island zone, choose wire bar stools. Their light design, shiny materials and modern look is what a contemporary interior needs. Browse the examples of the best wire bar stools below and appreciate their timeless character.

Library Stools

On this site you will get familiar with a very wide range of library stools. They come in different shapes, sizes and designs – thanks to that, even those who are very demanding, should be able to find something they like. Take all the time you need to make the right choice.

Big Lots Bar Stools

If you're on the budget and furnishing an apartment, take into account the offer of Big Lots. Check the variety of economy designs that add functionality to the space and don't cost a fortune. We've collected some examples of Big Lots bar stools below.

Milking Stools

Stools often turn out to be useful around the house so it's a good idea to have one. Browse below to see milking stools I've collected and choose one which matches your needs and the style of your home.

Stackable Bar Stools

Stackable bar stools are useful, aren’t they? In case you are not convinced yet, maybe you should browse through the photos shown below. There are many designs, shapes, sizes and colours so you should definitely find the right one for yourself if you like such style. Some of these stools are innovative, indeed.

Bar Stools With Backs And Arms

Bar stools with backs and arms that are presented here, differ when it comes to numerous features. However, they are all very useful and pretty pieces of furniture. Many customers already enjoy them at home and in other places. Now you also have an opportunity to choose the one you like most.

Garage Bar Stools

Do you think that bar stools are something for you? In that case welcome to this collection. All the customers that have decided on these garage bar stools have been satisfied and you can also be one of them. The main question would be which designs, size and shape you want to choose for yourself?

Meditation Stools

In case such products are interesting for you, you have come to the right place. Below you will find a wide variety of stools and cushions that are suitable for meditation. Find the one which you really like and take all the time you need to make the final decision. What will it be?

Cane Bar Stools

Take a look at the cane bar stools shown in this collection. They are all very functional and look well, don’t they? Their charm has been already confirmed by many customers who have already bought them. What would you say about such a variety of styles, sizes, shapes and colours?

Sports Bar Stools

Well, these bar stools surely have their own particular charm. Even those who haven’t been considering such solutions, can find the one for themselves here. All you need to do now is browse through the photos carefully and pick the design, shape and colour that would be most appropriate for you.

Lucite Stools

Lucite stools are very fashionable additions to contemporary kitchens. They look light and blend in perfectly with a lot of styles. Check the collection below to get some inspiration.

36 Inch Bar Stools

Nice bar stools can be a good thing to have, even if you don’t own a bar. All those presented at the photos below are available in different designs, sizes, colours and shapes so you won’t have too many problems with picking the right one for you. Take all the time you need to make the right choice.

Ghost Bar Stools

Transparent stools are great to introduce light and airy feel into the interior. Their modern design blends perfectly with all sorts of decor as they do not impose too much character. Try them out in the kitchen or bar zone of your home and enjoy a crisp contemporary touch.

Spectator Bar Stools

If you need a tall barstool to match the counter, opt for spectator barstools. This option, also called stadium, is the tallest and designed to go well with a 48-inch-high table or counter. The upholstered versions are sure to add comfort to the kitchen island or bar. Browse the collection below to choose a barstool that matches the interior design perfectly.

Science Lab Stools

Well, this collection certainly includes very functional stools. Actually, these are science lab stools and they come in different sizes, shapes, colours and designs. Thanks to that, all the potential customers will surely find something suitable as all of these types are already quite popular. And what would be your choice?

Shabby Chic Barstools

Up to furnish a shabby chic kitchen? Here's little something for you. How about a set of shabby chic barstools with a shabby touch? In the selection below you'll find designs in white and pale pastels which perfectly complement the tattered and chic style.

Logo Bar Stools

What do you think when you look at these? Do they look like bar stools? This collection of high stools and tables with a great variety of logos on them comes as a surprise to almost everyone. Perhaps it might be a fresh, inspiring idea for your house or some other place? You can choose from many designs.

Adjustable Bar Stools With Backs

Stools are so versatile. They fit into almost any dining, bar, game room or kitchen decor. I'm currently looking for adjustable bar stools with backs to hang out with family and friends, but I'm struggling with the choice between wooden and leather models. I love the ones with round seats, low-profile back support and a sturdy metal frame, but I'm a little afraid they're not particularly comfy. Anyway, feel free to browse the collection.

White Leather Bar Stools

Thanks to this collection, you can see that bar stools might look well not only in bars. You can check if this statement is true by taking a closer look at all the white leather bar stools that are depicted at the photos below. All those who have doubts should remember that many people have already decided on buying these stools.

Iron Bar Stools

Maybe you will appreciate these iron bar stools even if you are not a bar owner. That’s very possible as many people have already chosen all of these designs and sizes of iron stools. You also have a chance to be trendy and get one which would fit into your house best.

Portable Stools

Portable stools are invaluable in studio apartments, where space is an issue and we need to go for multipurpose pieces of furniture than easily change function. You can pick them up and move around the room to suit your needs at any given moment, and then stow them away under the table when not in use. They can even be adapted as nightstands!

Amish Bar Stools

Here's a collection of Amish bar stools which will inspire you. Browse below to check the variety of styles, materials and finishes. With a choice like that, choosing a set of bar stools for the home is not a challenge.