Baby Comforters And Quilts

Looking for a comforter for the baby's room? I've found some cool products on the web which mesmerize with colours and cute patterns. Check them out below and get inspired. Perfect not only to care for the baby's warmth but also to add some charcter to the interior. Love them!

Abigail Wright Interior Design Expert
Baby comforters and quilts 1
Alexis Torr

An aesthetic contemporary duvet for baby cots. It's made of quality soft and nice to the touch off-white fabric, has a quite wide rim, is quilted in a square design adorned with small round colourful dots, filled with synthetic fibres.

Baby comforters and quilts
Lisa Ramirez

Patchwork baby quilt - Muffins + Marathons, so cute! PS Love this woman's blog, tons of cute ideas for DIY baby stuff!

Baby comforters and quilts 6
Bianca Weberable

Comforters and quilts for small children. These products are finished in multi-color materials with stylish themes. They are also durable, resistant to excessive use and they provide comfort and safety to children.

Baby comforters and quilts 7
Julie Cook

DIY Duvet Cover Tutorial. This one actually has numbers for how much fabric you need for any size duvet.

Baby comforters and quilts 9

'Cheat' quilt :) Simply sew squares of fabric onto a down comforter. I have oodles of fabric squares cut from old baby clothes that I've been meaning to make into a quilt, but haven't. This project is perfect for those with beginner sewing skills! Kin

Baby comforters and quilts 24
Hilton Emily

Easiest quilt pattern ever Here's one for you Jo for your strips

Baby comforters and quilts
Carmen Kowalski

Puff Quilts ~ pattern available here ♡w

How to make a baby comforter

Twin size puff quilt. I have been hoarding my kids' baby clothes and extra blankies to make them each a personalized quilt. I like this design -- looks so cozy and warm with all of those puffed-up squares or "biscuits."

Baby comforters and quilts 22
Natasha Bak

How to Make a Quick & Simple Receiving Blanket DIY Tutorial - Fat Quarter Shop - YouTube

Baby comforters and quilts 27
Laura Gray

Multi-color quilt with cowboy pattern. This comforter is a very soft, safe and comfortable material for kids. It also looks very attractive, so it plays decorative role too. Durable materials are resistant to washing and frequent use.

Baby comforters
Holly Simmons

Charming bedding set designed for kids. It is made of nice touch fabric and decorated with teddy bear theme. Neutral design for boys and girls. Adds freshness and modernity to any kid's room.

Patchwork baby bedding

Soft patchwork rug in white and baby pink, with flowers and hearts patches - a cute quilt that can flawlessly serve as baby bedding, daybed bedspread or throw blanket decorating a rocking chair in a nursery room - you choose.

Baby comforters and quilts 21
Lauren Coleman

Comforter set for children. Its attractive multi-color pattern plays a very interesting, decorative role. Soft material provides comfort and protection for young users. This material is also resistant to wear.

Baby comforters and quilts 5

DIY baby quilt - I don't want to make this for a baby, but I'd like to keep all of the kids' blankets and comforters and one day make this with pieces of them together.

Puff quilt comforter
Zernike Laetitia

fabric edging idea {use this edging idea when attaching a fabric backing to a crocheted afghan/blanket}

Baby comforters and quilts

WHALE BABY QUILT Comforter, Blanket for Cot or Crib in blue and navy

Baby comforters and quilts
Michele Cox

Whole Cloth Baby Quilt in Ivory Custom Quilt Heirloom Christening Baptism Quilt Solid Ivory White

Baby comforters and quilts 2

Make a chevron quilt the easy way! Wish I had the patience to do this.

Baby comforters and quilts 1
Katherine Kin

3 Piece Navy and White w/ Red Airplane Applique by shilohmae, $155.00

Baby comforters and quilts 2
Campbell Tara

sooo cozy.. ujan2 gini kalo tempat tidur kaya bgini enaknyaaa.. bisa di tempat tidur seharian deh.. :D

Star Quilt Set
Caitlin Ward

Star Quilt Set
Nice-looking classic set for a twin bed. It comprises a quilt and 2 rectangular shams. They're of blue-purplish cotton and feature a cool white stars design on a top and a matching coloured striped pattern on a reverse side. They can be washed.

Baby Leopards Duvet Cover Set
Erin Jon

Baby Leopards Duvet Cover Set
Cute and elegant duvet set with baby leopard and orchid motif. 100% combed cotton provides soft, touchable texture and quality in every thread. Modern dyeing technology gives the fabric excellent brigthness and long lasting colors.

Baby comforters and quilts 3
Theresa Powe

Boy Rag Quilt Tutorial by Krysta Fecke, via Flickr I've made several of these but never thought to personalize it - I like that!

Baby comforters and quilts
Rivera Nicole

Hanna Andersson sleeping

Baby comforters and quilts 4

black and mint triangle quilt

Baby comforters and quilts 8
Gina Rivera

Charley, Dee, & Me: Ducky Baby Quilt. The ducks are raw-edge appliqued with machine button-hole stitching.

Baby comforters and quilts 3
Abigail Wrightful

This is super cute, and super easy too! Not to expensive if you can find a bunch of cheap frames to paint :)

Baby comforters and quilts 10
Alexis Hallify

Grey Elephant Quilt Navy Yellow Grey ... I'm need this!!!!! @Mardi Reber @Stephanie Miller @Bailey Reber

Baby comforters and quilts 11
Amber Mitc

25 Free Baby Blanket Tutorials {A Slideshow}

Baby comforters and quilts 12
Amber Broo

Simple beginner baby quilt - I even made a few of these by hand before I got a sewing machine. Cute and fun!

Nautical baby boy bedding
Rebecca Hall

Check out this amazing crib bedding set. Gentle, calm colors set in an intriguing pattern create a stimulating environment for your baby, while the addition of cute nautical elements add to the overall appeal. We couldn't think of a better set up for a crib!

Baby comforters and quilts 13
Robinson Layla

Nappy Bag (combined bag and pillow of soft Cuddle Minky) Finishes at 27" x 43,". Bag easily folds into the lightly-stuffed pillow to form a really soft and snuggly pillow, and straps on the back turn the package into a comfortable backpack, easy to carry

Baby comforters and quilts 14

A Quilter's Mixology in Review - Day 5 (and giveaways!) Thursday, June 19, 2014. This photo: Baby quilt, Medallion.

Baby comforters and quilts 15

Puppy Baby Quilt Minky Flannel Blanket Patchwork Flannel Back Boy Blanket 35 x 46

Baby comforters and quilts 16
Tara Gosselin

With the kids' clothes that are "special" as they grow out of it....t-shirts from sporting events, favorite clothes, etc.

Baby comforters and quilts 17

Would love to make this for grandaughter but with polka dot fabric! Check out Dieting Digest

Baby comforters and quilts 18
Gina Alle

CHRISTMAS QUILTS ??? use 5 x 5 square next to a piece of plain material, same size - add border

Cotton knit blanket 15
Isabella Martinable

Couverture bébé - Laine rapido phildar # grenadine ♥

Baby comforters and quilts 19
Alexis Millerism

Homemade Baby Toys | | A 'baby essential' today: the comfort blanket, soother, or cuddle blanket. It will most likely be baby's favorite plaything, often going everywhere with them. You'll probably struggle to get this one in the wa

Baby comforters and quilts 20
Aloma Garcia

the boo and the boy: eclectic kids' rooms

Patchwork baby bedding 1

pretty colors in this lavender quilt

Baby comforters and quilts

wow look at this isnt it amazing might have a go at it one day

Baby comforters and quilts 23
Renee Murphy

Summer in the Park Rag Quilt - Pattern on Craftsy- I want to try making a quilt one of these days. Love this fun pattern!

Baby comforters and quilts 25
Brooks Christina

Rag quilt! Make a rag quilt- stack 3 fabric squares together, sew to other fabric stacks, leave 3/8 inch fabric at seam edges. Nake small cuts in the seam edges to make fringe, then Throw it in the wash and the fabric will fringe beautfully. Easy peasy!

Baby comforters and quilts 26
Jessica Zernike

Our Deep Space Toddler Sheet Set might not be the center of the universe. But it can be the center of your toddler's room. The cheerful, printed planets and stars designed by artist Michelle Romo give it out-of-this-world charm and its 100% cotton constru

Baby comforters and quilts 28
Cassandra Reed

Comfort® Knitting & Crochet: Babies & Toddlers | Moderne Blanket

Baby comforters and quilts 29

I am really enjoying this blog. She has such a fresh eye!

Baby comforters and quilts 30
Wilson Gabrielle

A quick quilt perfect for your little boy! Pattern found in Quick Quilts by Me & My Sister Designs

Baby comforters and quilts 31
Mary Brown

baby comforters and quilt

Baby comforters and quilts 4
Mackenzie Milani

boy nursery idea; I like the alphabet for on the wall with his initial a different size and color.