Art Glass Panels

Do you like such panels or did you come to this site by accident ? Even if you did, there are really a lot of possibilities to pick from so why not try to decide on one of them ? You might find yourself impressed or even inspired by this collection.

Ideas By Judy Jacob
"Blue African Violet on White" Frameless Free Floating Tempered Glass Panel Graphic Art

"Blue African Violet on White" Frameless Free Floating Tempered Glass Panel Graphic Art

Found by MelanieBrya+5
"The Party Abstract" Frameless Free Floating Tempered Glass Panel Graphic Art

"The Party Abstract" Frameless Free Floating Tempered Glass Panel Graphic Art

Found by AlexisZimmermann1+1
Sunburst Stained Glass Panel
Found by MrMackenzieGarcia+2
Green Forest Fused Glass Panel 5 by 12 by PezzulichGlassworks, $350.00
Found by AmberGar+3
Dancer in the Mist: Paul Messink: Art Glass Sculpture - Artful Home Glass artist Paul Messink creates multi-layered glass panels that reflect the natural world and exhibit incredible dimensionality. Messink's panels are made of layers of glass which are s
Found by JulieJac+34
David Spriggs is an English artist based in Montreal who paints on multiple panels of glass to create amazing 3D works of art. The ethereal images appear to be floating behind the outer panels of glass. The technique he uses is called stratachrome, define
Found by emmahhansson+274
Lisa Mote art glass
Found by ChristineReed+67
Mirrors & glass in gardens from GardenDrum. Decorative glass panels by Hayhoe Design UK
Found by MorganAnna+122
Mosaic panel FRAGILE BEAUTY Poppies handmade by andreamosaic, $150.00
Found by TheAmandaGosselin+264
Image detail for -Coast - Fused Glass Panel on Board by Nicky Exell
Found by CravenZoe+1
[ stained-glass-hooded-merganser-window.jpg (300×300) ] .. good way to incorporate birthstone colors
Found by KatherineNels+150
Color Theory Therapy| Serafini Amelia| Rainbow Multi Length Suncatcher by islandglass1 on Etsy, $32.00
Found by BrooksMelissa+37
Glass panel, kiln carved trees.
Found by JoannaHer+85
Orfeo Quagliata	fused glass	  17.5"h x 17.5"w x .25"d
Found by emmahhansson+211
Mackintosh Bevelled & Coloured Glass door/ window design
Found by TheVanessaWeber+2
found on by CDChilds in Texas.
Found by MrKeiraWhite+92
fused glass, ahh....   wow!! love the frames!
Found by LaetitiaKloss+2
Top 30 Creative and Unique Kitchen Backsplash Ideas
Found by AlexisMillerism+5
Garden art by Amanda Noble The Fused Garden •Medium - 93cm w/stand (without stand 72cm)  •Tall - 110cm w/stand (without stand 86cm)
Found by EmilyLee47+3
how to twist lead for stained glass - 2e Dichroic Glass Man
Found by WardJenna+2
Frank Lloyd Wright Stained Glass - Scottish Stained Glass
Found by StacyAdams+4
Australian glassmaker, Lisa Cahill’s panels or strips of glass, blocks, pots, vases, bowls. See a link to her site under Blogroll. | Decanted
Found by AlyssaWilsonify+1
Stained Glass Water Element Stained Glass River Scene Nature Art Glass Panel Abstract Art Decorative Art Home Decor
Found by KrystleReed+175
Found by LilianaGadjus+5
Stained Glass - Stephen Weir Stained glass, Glasgow, Scotland
Found by SuperCarolineWalker+2
Tissue paper beautiful and would make a gorgeous window display!
Found by SarahMiller29+4
‘Love Bears All Things’ etched, painted, fired and leaded stained glass panel by Nicola Kantorowicz, Reading, UK
Found by ReneeRobinson+19
Blue Coast with the Ness fused glass panel by Nicky Exell
Found by LaurenCarter+5
blue butterfly art | White Cat and Blue Butterfly Vertical Stained Art Glass Panel
Found by EvansLiliana+148
Spring Time Panel with Oak Frame. $250.00, 26 by 14
Found by RachelMassonable+196
I believe I will take some classes on making stained glass pieces.
Found by ThompsonAlyssa+2
Green and Pleasant Land, fused glass panel.
Found by MrKeiraWhite+88
Valentines Day Sale Stained Glass Panel   by HillCountryGlass, $119.00
Found by JenniferWill+136
Stained Glass Designs | Dragonfly Software - Stained Glass Software and Patterns
Found by MultiKateAnderson+1
Mackintosh design     Ginko Leaf Stained Glass panel
Found by PatriciaDiaz+173
View from the Leas, fused glass panel
Found by LeahSmit+1
Stained Glass Corner | Paddlewheel Stained Glass blue heron
Found by SarahAshleyist+5
fused glass art gallery | glass_sisters_fused_glass_art_2012_2.jpg
Found by alexsandrawilson+2
Fused glass spring park panel 2012  Kelly Crosser Alge  $975 (SOLD)
Found by LaetitiaAnderson+2
The Mosaics of ArtPrize 2010: An Incomplete Guide | Mosaic Art NOW
Found by CassandraPatterson+85
Woodland Owl Handcrafted Stained Glass Panel Rainbow Owl Awesome
Found by SarahAshleyist+43
Starburst  bevel rectangular stained glass by GlitzAndGrandeur, $155.00
Found by AmandaMart+5
2013 Large Panels 2nd. Place  "Summer Vines" by Vessela
Found by isabellepotter1+152
Turquoise Waters art glass panel accented with large small nuggets
Found by BushEliza+2
l y n n p r i c e - f u s e d g l a s s  Landscape this is so neat....
Found by SarahMor+297
Magnificent Wave at Sunset Stained Glass by ChaosTheoryGlassWork, $745.00
Found by ColemanCynthia+1
stained glass panel window suncatcher home decor by hankbarnes1234
Found by OliviaSmithist+122
"Other Worlds" stained glass panel by Karen Dawson, Burlington, VT
Found by ThePeytonRobinson+162
***Tree for all Seasons ***Stained Glass Panel
Found by ThomsonMarisa+3
Four Seasons - I like the idea of this but not the glass..change it up
Found by CoxDiana+2