Art Deco Wall Clocks

Wall clocks can be quite a useful thing to have, don’t you agree ? Thanks to this collection, all those who are interested, can find the perfect art deco wall clock for themselves. Maybe you will also like this site and these offers so why not browse through all these photos ?

Vintage ~ Hammond Prudence Synchronous ~ Kitchen wall clock.  Model

Wall clock in retro style. It has Arabic numeral and quartz movement. Frame is made of metal. Suitable for residential and commercial premises. Classic form and neutral design for each room.

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Gorgeous Art Deco clock

Choosing this art deco wall clock, you can be sure, you will have an accurate timepiece that boasts of its gorgeous, geometric design. Crafted of durable green material, the clock looks like a lady's fan with 2 black metal hands and 1 brass metal second hand.

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Manhattan Wall Clock designed by Russell Ackerman-could do in fused

A modern masterpiece amongst wall clocks that is going to enhance your working place or your contemporary home. Designed by Russell Ackerman, the clock features a sophisticated frame with 2 black hands and 1 brass second hand.

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12" Vintage France Paris Colourful French Country Tuscan Style Paris Wood Wall Clock

Cool vintage French style wall clock with a 1AA battery-powered quartz mechanism. It's made of fibreboard with a distressed colourful dial of paper. It has black and red hands. Bold Arabic numerals and stylised lettering in French are in black.

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I swoon for the simplicity of this Art Deco wall

I swoon for the simplicity of this Art Deco wall clock.

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Handmade ceramic wall clock in an Art Deco style. Designed

Handmade ceramic wall clock in an Art Deco style. Designed and made by Malcolm and Russell Akerman of Echo of Deco

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ECOOPRO® 3D Big Digital Modern Contemporary Home Office Decor Round Quartz Wall Clock Green

This type of product plays a very functional and decorative role. It is a wall clock that is made of durable hard plastic. It has got big 3D digits that are easy to read. Its mechanism is problem free and effective.

Found by BiancaWeberable+45
Frank Lloyd Wright's De Rhodes Art Deco Wall Clock

A fantastic blend of old-fashioned appearance and timeless elegance. This wall clock comes with a cherry-finished wood case, covered with a clear glass front panel and embellished with geometric patterns. The mechanism is accurate and equipped with 3 silver-finished metal hands.

Found by SarahMiller29+131
Zlyc Vintage European Style Home Decor Anchor Nautical Wall Clock Large Blue and White

If you have themed your decor nautical, you'd not like to spoil it with a wall clock that does not follow the rest of the decor. This nautical-themed clock may meet your requirements: it has a big anchor pattern and it's colored blue.

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c. 1930's antique machine age art deco style round chrome

c. 1930's antique machine age art deco style round chrome wall clock

Found by KathrynPat+4
Small Kit-Cat Clock in Black

This kit-cat clock works perfectly in kitchens, dining rooms, kids' rooms, and kindergartens. The clock provides a quartz movement, and requires 1 AA battery. Includes a wagging tail (pendulum), rolling eyes, and an oval face with Arabic numerals.

Found by MrKeiraWhite+74
SKMEI® 12-inch Vintage France Paris Colourful French Country Tuscan Style Non-Ticking Silent Wood Wall Clock (034)

This kind of wall clock has got a functional and decorative role. The product has got a round shape and it features different colors of numbers. It is a silent non-ticking clock that works without malfunctions for a long time.

Found by SuperCarolineWalker+3
Zlyc Vintage North Europe Style Home Decor Sea Fish Wood Grain Nautical 12" Round Wall Clock Blue

Nautical, or rather fish theme of this stylish wall clock draws the eye and complements your decor in many ways: made with attention to detail. it even has a distressed face background with wood grain pattern.

Found by ElizabethGreen+0
Traditional Cuckoo Wall Clock

Traditional Cuckoo Wall Clock
This Traditional Cuckoo Wall Clock is characterized by a night time shut off feature that makes the cuckoo to be silent for the entire night. The clock also includes a 1-day movement, and a round face with Roman numerals.

Found by JaclynRus+104
Large Metal Contemporary Wall Clock

This product is a wall clock that represents a very original and contemporary style in the house. It has got multi-colored, large numbers that are easy to read. The size of this product is approximately 27"H x 21"L.

Found by ElizabethCoupe+94
Cosmopolitan Gear Wall Clock

Cosmopolitan Gear Wall Clock
Truly striking and unique wall clock comprising many ratchets and mysterious cogged wheels of varied shapes and sizes, all in distressed brown. Fans of steampunk style will for sure be enchanted with this lovely model.

Found by LaurenMartinezify+5
Gears of Time Sculptural Wall Clock

Gears of Time Sculptural Wall Clock
Add style, beauty and elegance to your home with this beautiful sculptural wall clock. Everyone will tell you how amazing it looks on your wall. It is a very good choice. You need to have it.

Found by AliceHilton1+4
Tuscan European Fruits Wall Clock Grape Pear Apple

Kitchen wall clock in thick frame with retro fruit motif, pictured with care in warm colors. White face has black Arabic numerals and black ornamental hands, which design was inspired by Victorian era accessories.

Found by VictoriaGreen+146
Some designers specialize in desiging steampunk and industrial furniture which

The attractive design of this eye-catching wall clock in the style of art deco delights. Beautifully illustrated details create a unique composition with a bright clock face with Roman numerals. The whole is presented exquisitely.

Found by MeghanRodriguez+43
Mark Feldstein and Associates DIY11 Design It Yourself Clock

This unique clock can be a great enhancement for modern interiors. You can personalize it according to your tastes, and mount it without larger difficulties. And thanks to 12 individual black display frames you can even replace the numbers with your favorite photos.

Found by HughesDana+2
Seiko QXM478BRH Melody in Motion Clock

A very interesting piece of equipment that plays a functional and decorative role. This is a wall clock that features an oval shape and a face that has got attractive colors. It plays twelve hi-fi melodies.

Found by 1BanksKate+51
ZLYC Vintage Retro European Style Novelty Simple DIY Quartz Gear Wall Clock

Steampunk style offers a nice choice of accent to embellish a decor with a drop of extraordinariness. This wall clock combines modern simplicity with retro influences. It has no numerals, and big black hands are affixed to a cogged wheel style face.

Found by LaurenKin+54
Howard Miller 620-174 Grantwood Wall Clock

Wall clock featuring beautiful design, white dial and brass-finished bezel. Additionally, the clock features quartz movement and requires one battery for operation. The clock also has large black Arabic numbers.

Found by DanaPerez+88
Recycled Wine Bottle Wall Clock Cobalt Blue fused glass by

I want this wall clock on my wall in dinette! It features the recycled wine bottle design and cobalt blue fused glass construction. It makes a grand impression on your guests.

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24 Fabulous Interiors That Break The Rules Of Scale

Giant wall clock designed for outdoor use. Shield is made of metal. Sophisticated decoration for porch, garden, patio and more.

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Coavas® 3D Black Butterfly Decorative Wall Clock Modern Mirror Wall Clock Mirror Walls

This product is an element that features a practical and decorative function. It is a wall clock that looks great in contemporary indoors. It includes metal balls that can be put anywhere, so it is a good idea for creative people.

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Square Glass Wall Clock with Swirl

Square Glass Wall Clock with Swirl
Modern clock mounted on a square shield made of thick glass and swirl theme. It is dedicated for wall mounting. Received positive recommendations from customers. Sophisticated and functional addition for the any home and more.

Found by MsMadisonWalker+28
Adeco Black Iron Vintage-Inspired Round Chandelier Double-Sided Wall Hanging Clock with Scroll Wall Mount Home Decor

Hall hanging clock with beautiful design, iron case and frame, which makes them rust resistant, double sided construction and featuring antiquated parchment finish. The clock requires two AA batteries for operation.

Found by SarahMiller29+5
Click Clock Antiques Finished Metal Wall Decor 34x17 "

Enhance your home with antique accents using this lovely wall clock. With its five synchronized gears and rust-free metal construction, the clock provides vintage appearance, all covered in an antique brown finish.

Found by IsabellaMartinable+5
George Nelson Melted Metal Clock

Wall clock made of sturdy and durable metal and featuring very original design. Additionally, the clock has classic black hands and large Roman numbers, which are easy to read, even from afar. It's a great addition to all modern interiors.

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LGI Modern Contemporary 3D Wall Clock - Choose Your Color

This #D wall clock perfectly accentuates both modern and contemporary interiors. The clock is crafted from wood, available in various colors, features large Arabic numerals, and requires 1 AA battery (not included).

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Hengsong - Luxury DIY 3D Home Art Decorations Mirror Frameless Wall Clock Large Hours (Silver)

It is a high quality wall clock that has got a frameless construction. The size of this product is very large, so the current time is readable. This kind of clock has got a functional and decorative character.

Found by PeytonMarthy+5
3D Big Digit Modern Contemporary Home Decor Round Wall Clock

This 3D wall clock is suitable for contemporary homes and offices. Includes hard plastic construction, quartz movement, large Arabic numerals, and adopts hollow-out 3D big digits. Also provides easy wall-mounting.

Found by AlyssaCole100+0
Homeloo Modern 12 Wood Wooden Photo Picture Frame Wall Clock DIY Kit (Blue)

Simple DIY wall clock with 12 wooden picture frames painted powder blue. Big black hands are the only element that point that this is a clock! If you want to have a picture collage on your wall and a clock too, take 2 in 1.

Found by RodriguezJamie+1
OranguCoo Clock - CooClock  - Monkey

This adorable cooclock with cute monkey will be a perfect addition to your kid's room. On the hour the monkey pops out of the doors and sounds. A light sensor automatically shuts off the character when the room becomes dark.

Found by RachelMassonable+2
HITO™ 10-Inch Silent Non-ticking Wall Clock w/ 3D Colorful Numerals and Front Glass Cover (White)

Wall clock featuring 3-D colorful and large numerals and front glass cover. Additionally, it features high quality quartz sweep movement, which provides accurate time and silent movement. The clock is powered by one AA battery.

Found by MackenzieMilani+0
ZLYC Modern Novelty Fashion DIY Musical Notes Mute Quartz Wall Clock Home Decor

A very interesting element created for people who love music. This is a special wall clock that has got music notes and Roman numbers (III, VI, IX and XII) instead of Arabic numbers. The clock is made of high quality ABS plastic.

Found by AbigailWrightful+0
Zlyc Vintage North Europe Style Home Decor Fish Nautical 12-inch Round Wall Clock Large Green

It is a round wall clock that has got a nautical design, large size, green finish and white frame. Everyone will be impressed how amazing it looks on your wall. You need to have it.

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Art Deco Clock by Jason Daniel Brown, via Flickr

Art Deco Clock by Jason Daniel Brown, via Flickr

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Art Deco 'Smiths' electric wall clock

Art Deco 'Smiths' electric wall clock

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1930s Art Deco style ceramic wall clock, Juba

1930s Art Deco style ceramic wall clock, Juba

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The Compass Wall Clock from Urban Barn is a unique

The Compass Wall Clock from Urban Barn is a unique home décor item. Urban Barn carries a variety of Clocks and other products furnishings.

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Union Station, Los Angeles

Union Station, Los Angeles

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art deco wall clock a good example of a celluloid

art deco wall clock a good example of a celluloid

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art_deco_gatsby_style_clock_large_wall_clock.jpg?color=Black&height ...

art_deco_gatsby_style_clock_large_wall_clock.jpg?color=Black&height ...

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Art Deco Wall Clocks

Art Deco Wall Clocks

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Art Deco wall clock. France 1930 - 1935.

Art Deco wall clock. France 1930 - 1935.

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