Animal Rocking Horse

All kids like to play, right? This collection will provide everyone with a lot of opportunities when it comes to rocking horses and similar toys. If you think that your family would like such things, we invite you to browse through all these offers and try to pick the best one.

Stacy Gosselin Interior Design Expert
Butterfly rocking horse
Michele Phillips

How to Draw: Horse's Eye by ~Define-X on deviantART

Wood rocking horse 1
Mackenzie Milani

This lovely animal rocking horse with bear motif is a perfect combination of charming furniture and toys for the baby. The whole is extremely impressive, reliable and durable. The ideal solution for any interior.

Animal rocking horse 4
Olivia Smithist

Rocking horse made of carved wood. This American-styled toy and decoration is a museum-quality element finished in universal white color. It is safe in use, provides good fun and it is also resistant to wear.

Animal rocking horse
Cooper Kristen

Beautiful decorative miniature rocking horse will be wonderful and adorable addition to your room decor. Small and handmade painted, with this magnificent details is very eye-catching. Small thing with big effect.

Animal rocking horse 3
Jaclyn Hend

Dentzel. 1890 Prancer If I could ever afford a vintage carousel horse, a Dentzel would be my first choice!

Animal rocking horse 3
Laetitia Kloss

Rocking animals in vintage style. It is made of wood in two shades. Neutral design for boys and girls. Excellent gift idea.

Animal rocking horse 16
Stacey Ale

War Horses. Highly trained, and against all their instincts these horses will lay still during a battle. An example of incredible trust and bond between man and animal.

Animal rocking horse
Monica Perr

Did you know that pandas, like human babies adore rocking animals? And what's more lovely from than a panda rocking on a rocking horse? An ideal option for zookeepers, as remember that you cannot have a panda on your own.

Animal rocking horse 2
Aloma Garcia

Antique German hide covered horse pull toy on platform #vintage #animal

Animal rocking horse 30
Lindsay Hernandez

horse chimera: the bonding of fraternal twins in utero gives rise to unusual striping and brindle horses

Animal rocking horse 28
Holly Mill

.This just makes me feel good about the world, glad to be part of it.

Building a classic rocking horse plans
Craven Zoe

A charming very realistic traditional rocking horse hand-crafted of quality oakwood with a hand-stained and hand-polished finish in light browns. It has elegant realistic tack, a long mane and a tail, showy heavily bowed rockers.

Animal rocking horse 23

Proud new dad! Ian Somerhalder revealed the latest addition to his family: a horse named Eagle, which he got with his new girlfriend Nikki Reed!

Animal rocking horse 27

We all want a cowboy -

Bonita Butterfly Rocker
Abbey Kowalski

Bonita Butterfly Rocker
Charming rocker in the form of a colored butterfly. The wooden frame is covered with high quality plush material. It has many positive recommendations from delighted customers. Positive addition to the kid's room and perfect gift idea.

Animal rocking horse 8
Peyton Marthy

The púca is primarily a creature of Irish folklore. It takes the form of a sleek black horse with a flowing mane and luminescent golden eyes

Animal rocking horse 21
Veronica Cook

Alison tries to win a costume contest every year with her horse Topper. She comes up with OUTSTANDING costumes & the grand prize unfairly keeps eluding her! Best of luck in 2013!

Rocking horse costume
Cintia Kowalski

Antique take on a decorative, turn of the century standing carousel horse, perfect if you’re looking for a carnival-themed decoration for a party. The horse is fitted with a distressed coat of paint and ornate gemstones.

Animal rocking horse 13
Jillian Bel

+~+~ Antique Photograph ~+~+ Charming portrait with a child on an exquisite toy horse and a dog at her side.

Lamb rocking horse
Lily Cravenable

Comfortable and decorative rocking animal. This toy provides fun to children. Its runners are made of solid wood and its sitting surface is crafted of super soft polyester velboa for good comfort and safety of use.

Owlivia Owl Rocker
Mendes Natasha

Owlivia Owl Rocker
It is a beautiful and adorable owl rocker for your kids. This owl can sing and it teaches ABC's, 123's, colors and more. You will be impressed how fantastic this toy is. You need to have it.

Animal rocking horse 18
Martinez Susan

Bellagio Rocking Horse, Las Vegas - ©paintingsheep -

Animal rocking horse 5
Jones Jenna

The hunt clubs no longer hunt the fox, they have developed scent hunting instead. I love seeing the hunt horses & hounds, the red liveried huntsman & women high up on their horses having the traditional drink outside of the hunt's village pub before they

Animal rocking horse 6

a sweet horse begging to be petted - one of 8 picks for this week's Friday Favorites - Living Vintage

Animal rocking horse 7
Kristin Allen

Painted Halloween skeleton horse - recreate this or any other fun look with Pony Paint! Find it here --->

Animal rocking horse 1
Yulia Thompson

Rocking horse - tutorial at

Animal rocking horse 9
Maria Wil

This could be Stonn, the horse belonging to Angusel (Lancelot) in The Dragon's Dove Chronicles (Dawnflight, Morning's Journey, etc.) by Kim Headlee

Animal rocking horse 19
Erica Martinez

A carousel zebra ( not a rocking horse but I love them).

Animal rocking horse 20
Katie How

This animal brings one of the biggest joys to my life. They give you something inside yourself no one else can give you.

Animal rocking horse 22

A Carousel for Missoula..never seen a bucking carousel cool!

Animal rocking horse 4
Tiffany Alle

Yep. A rocking sheep. Going to have to have a **herd** of rocking animals!

Animal rocking horse 24
Patricia Barnes

Carousel Horse - Armored Pegasus: Carved in basswood, painted with enamels, 18ct. gold leaf & silver leaf on the armor

Full size carousel horse any barnmicers want to ride this
Marissa Nels

Full Size Carousel Horse | Any Barnmicers Want to Ride This Carousel Horse? - Barnmice Equestrian ...

21 star wars furniture designs from intergalactic droid loungers to
Liliana Gadjus

21 Star Wars Furniture Designs - From Intergalactic Droid Loungers to Hovering Furniture (TOPLIST)

Animal rocking horse 25
Joanna Pete

Legends create more unusual horses, both as rocking horses and free-standing horse sculptures. Painted or left in natural wood to enhance the beauty of the carving. These include carousel and racer rocking horses,a unicorn,zebras and free-standing, lif

Plush Rocking Horse
Rebecca Rive

Plush Rocking Horse
Your child will love this classic rocking horse with sound effects. It has a strong frame and is able to hold 180 pounds. Makes sounds of galloping and whinnying. The piece is sturdy and safe. It uses two "AA" batteries.

Animal rocking horse 26

clay animal how to video dog elephant horse

Animal rocking horse 29

The Chesapeake Carousel Bison - Unknown Carver - 3rd Row Jumper - Very rare Bison.

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Andrew chases steampunk mechanical horse
Bianca Noorda

Andrew Chase's Steampunk Mechanical Horse

Animal rocking horse 31
Katherine Williams

Animal rocking horse 32

Apparently this cat saw her little peeps rocking on this horse. Now she will sit on the horse until someone comes to rock the horse.

C antique carousel horse heyn prancer ebay

c...Antique Carousel Horse Heyn Prancer | eBay

The hand carved wooden animals in various stages of construction

The hand-carved wooden animals in various stages of construction for use on the boardwalk carousel of the cruise ship Oasis of the Seas. It is the first carousel to ever operate at sea.

Animal rocking horse 33
Diana Washington

Rocking Horse Ranch Resort - Highland, NY

Carousel animals repinned by all creatures gift shop

Carousel Animals -- [REPINNED by All Creatures Gift Shop]

Animal rocking horse 34

the deer and a rearing horse at The "Antique Carousel" at the Centreville Amusement Park. Centre Island, Toronto, Canada.

Plush Max Rocking Moose
Krystle Reed

Plush Max Rocking Moose

Rocking horse saddle pattern

A stunning rocking horse that will prove to be your kid's favorite toy in no time. This one offers a soft and cuddly material and will prove immensely safe, so that you don't have to worry about your kid.

Animal rocking horse 1
Alexis Hallify

John Lopez Studio: Lopez Studio Installations-- I REALLY LIKE THE MANE