Ajanta Wall Clocks

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Ajanta wall clocks

Wall clock with wooden frame, ajanta machine and tribal fittings

Wall Clock
Russell Amanda

Wall Clock
It is an amazing wall clock that has got a black finish and white numerals. It is an fantastic decoration and addition to your living room, bedroom, kitchen and other.

Ajanta wall clocks 2
Amber Torr

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Ajanta wall clocks
Lily Cravenable

An aesthetic though simple modern wall clock with a round metallic frame. It has a black dial with showy silvery Arabic numerals (for 3, 6, 9 and 12 hours) and thin straight silvery hands. It's 1AA battery powered.

Zeeshaan Touched by an angel wall art (3 Pc)
Chloe Hughesful

Just look at this lovely butterly sitting on a girlish hand. What a dreamy picture! Its fairy-tale character is even more accented thanks to purple and pink coloring scheme. It comprises of three panels.

Retro 9.5" Wall Clock
Melissa Turner

Retro 9.5" Wall Clock
Retro style wall clock made of solid plastic, features clean clock face, quality quartz clock movement with two hands, durable cover for added protection, and elegant style. Requires on AA battery to run.

Wall Clock
Kimberly Hugh

Wall Clock
This fantastically designed wall clock uses interlocking leaf-shaped shafts pattern to produce a gorgeous frame and durable clock face with roman numerals. Utilizes accurate clock movement running on one AA battery.

Wall Clock
Jillian Moor

Wall Clock
Interesting wall clock made of wood with Antique inspired style design, east-to-read clock face with roman numerals and quartz clock movement running on one AA battery. Solid and great looking timepiece.

Zeeshaan Katty Eyes Wall Art (4Pc)

With greetings to all cat lovers, this square wall art flaunts an eye-catching set of contrasts: black cat charms the viewer with its enormous green eyes. The piece comprises of four pieces that are covered with moisture-proof layer.

Zeeshaan Enchanting Peacocks wall art (3 Pc)
Jacqueline Murphy

Enchanting wall art displaying mysterious magical forest. The art is loaded with colors with greens and blues dominating. It is sectional and comprised of three pieces creating a square whole. It looks gorgeous on a solid color wall.

Zeeshaan Colorful Nature Wall Art (3 Pc)
Sara Jackson

Displaying diversified set of calm nature landscapes with sea horizon, this sectional wall art will bring a serene mood to your decor. Just hang it above your favourite sofa and enjoy the color-loaded effect.

Zeeshaan Radio on the Horse Wall Art (4Pc)

Four pieces panel wall art printed on MDF board. When you set the sections together, you will see a beautiful and dreamy picture of Lady Godiva riding a white horse in companion of her favourite hounds.

Zeeshaan Cutebot wall art (3 pc)

Colorful wall art printed on sectional MDF board with moisture- and UV-resistant clear layer. It depicts a fun picture of a cardboard little man holding a bucket embellished with colorful dots. It is a true symphony of colors indeed!

Zeeshaan Country Lake Side Wall Art (4Pc)
Gina Alle

Sectional wall art comprised of four parts creating a square-shaped whole: it displays a mountain landscape with specular reflection on bottom. It flaunts vivid colors being therefore truly eye-catching.

Zeeshaan Beautiful Flowers wall art (3 Pc)
Alexandra Hall

Tri-fold sectional wall art printed on MDF board. It distinguishes itself with particularly lively and vivid colors: here you see a royal range of purple and violet tones. It is moisture proof for optimal longevity.

Zeeshaan Dancing Peacock wall art (3 Pc)
Karen Gray

Wow, this wall art boasts a set of colors that are so vivid that you just cannot take your eyes off it! It is comprised of three pieces that as a whole depict a peacock boasting with its marvellous tail feathers.

Zeeshaan Turqoise Waves Wall Art (4Pc)
Jacqueline Murphy

Nice wall art depicting a tall house in a deserted surrounding. Combined with dusky sky, the whole evokes quite mysterious mood. Four panels of the picture are varnished to make it moisture and UV-resistant.

Zeeshaan The Ballerina wall art (3 Pc)
Danielle Sand

This beautiful ballerina in a burgundy flared dress is now resting, but she's probably getting ready to a performance of her life! Her silhouette looks particularly glamorous on a yellow background of gauzy draperies.

Zeeshaan Shining Sun wall art (3 Pc)

Just look at this dreamy landscape of Paris with Eiffel Tower dark silhouette standing proudly on the backdrop of dusk sky full of colors. The picture is comprised of three matching panels creating a bigger whole.

Zeeshaan floral wall art (3 pc)
Bianca Weberable

Beautiful wall art consisted of three pieces - each one has a separate frame in different color. Every piece is a variation of similar floral pattern. It is a true symphony of pinks, blues and coral reds.

Zeeshaan Orchid wall art (3 Pc)

Three rectangular pieces create a marvellous picture of a fuchsia pink orchid on wet stones background. The wall art is characterized by lively colors and high quality detailing, creating a truly indulging whole.

Zeeshaan The White Stallion Wall Art (4Pc)
Roberts Isabelle

Wow! This proud white stallion is prancing on a sandy desert. The horse's silhouette is sharply displayed on a dark blue gradient background. Four panels create a picture. They are printed on an MDF board. High quality detailing.

Zeeshaan Colors of sky wall art (3 pc)
Weber Lily

Beautiful wall art depicting three separate images of dusk sky in black, red and purple (and mix). Printed on durable MDF board, it pleases the eye with bold, yet harmonious composition of colors and contrasts.

Zeeshaan vintage car wall art (2pc)
Amber Broo

Black, red and white wall art with a vintage car on the foreground. Highly detailed, printed on a sturdy MDF board, this wall art will last for years to come. It has two sections. It is resistant to moisture.

Zeeshaan The Hunter Wall Art (4Pc)
Patricia Riv

Inspired by fantasy artworks, this sectional panel picture displaying a hunter with a wolf and falcon will comprise a dreamy and a bit mysterious accent in your ambiance. It has brown, earthy hues dominating.

Zeeshaan Rainbow Rose Wall Art (2 Pc)
Laetitia Zernike

Just set these two pieces together on any wall and enjoy the colorful and highly detailed picture of a rose. The zoomed photo was tweaked with all rainbow colors, making the art playful and joyful in looks.

Zeeshaan The Tropical Flower wall art (3 Pc)
Thomas Vanessa

This wall art immediately catches the attention of a viewer with its juicy colors. Green leaves, gray stones and dark pink orchid create a truly intriguing and striking combination. Just set the three panels together.

Zeeshaan The Bird on Twig Wall Art (4Pc)
Katie Sand

This sassy twig sits on a leafy bench full of red apples. The panel picture is great for nature lovers. It consists of four pieces without a frame. Just set them together on a wall. The piece is very easy to install.

Zeeshaan Gushing Lights Wall Art (4Pc)

4-pieces square wall art displaying a stylish image of blurred car lights trail on a highway, with fairground big wheel on the horizon. The art is printed on MDF board that is particularly light in weight.

Zeeshaan Vintage Wine wall art (2 Pc)
Julia Lambertify

Colorful wall art with two glasses filled with red wine standing on the foreground. The background displays sunny beach with turquoise blue sea waves. The piece is sectional. It has three horizontal panels.

Zeeshaan Open Farms Wall Art (4Pc)

Add to the style of your indoor decor with this simple, yet stunning wall art printed on durable MDF board. Protective finish ensures that the wall art maintains its mint condition and lively colors for long. Four pieces create an abstract picture.

Zeeshaan Sunrise on Beach Wall Art (4Pc)
Bianca Weberable

This dreamy landscape of a sun setting on the horizon with sea waves and golden beach sand on the foreground will bring a mood of joy and serenity to your indoor ambiance, undoubtedly adding to its decorativeness.

Zeeshaan Spring Special wall art (3 Pc)
King Renee

Bringing autumn memories to mind, this special panel wall art (3 pieces) displays a dreamy landscape: a road is surrounded by autumn trees and covered with orange leaves. Vibrant colors are just striking.

Zeeshaan The Dripping rain Wall Art (4Pc)

With green tones dominating over black backdrop, this sectional picture boasts modern looks and flavour. It displays leafy benches with a rain dripping from them. You need to set four pieces together to get a picture.

Zeeshaan Ship in the bottle Wall Art (4Pc)
Jessica Turn

A ship miniature in a bottle is a timeless motif that perfectly completes nautical themed decor. Just hang this panel printed art on your wall and enjoy the effect. The picture is frameless, printed on strong MDF board.

Zeeshaan Blossoming Flowers Wall Art (2 Pc)

Enriching your ambiance with a splash of blossom coloring and serenity, this sectional wall art is a playful and visually appealing accent in any type of decor. It looks especially attractive on plain background.

Zeeshaan The Pious Picture Wall Art (4Pc)
Jessica Zernike

Boasting gold, sandy and earthy hues complemented with orange backdrop, this wall art will look great in warm coloring scheme. It displays an Indian palace under the scorching sun. The picture contains four panels.

Zeeshaan Eiffel Love wall art (3 Pc)

Enhance the homey atmosphere of serenity and good mood with this harmonious and peaceful wall art depicting a landscape with a sun dusk over a blossoming field. The art is printed of MDF board in vivid colors.

Zeeshaan The Mighty Lion wall art (3 Pc)
Tara Mitc

If you need an accent that would complete the trendy decor of your ambiance being a bold style statement itself, this wall art should occur interesting to you. It depicts The Mighty Lion. The picture is full of crazy colors.

Ajanta wall clocks
Brittany Morris

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Bianca Weberable

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Laetitia Anderson

Wall clock

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Leah Morgan


Ajanta wall clocks 4
Abigail Wrightful

Zodiac Clock

Ajanta wall clocks 5
Jenna Edward

Clock Hourglass Time: #Clock.

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Craven Zoe

Old clocks

Ajanta wall clocks 7

Antique clock

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Abigail Wrightful

Ajanta White Wall Clock

Ajanta wall clocks

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