Best Lighted Makeup Mirrors

Every woman needs a makeup mirror, it’s pretty obvious. However, you shouldn’t settle just for any mirror – your makeup has to be perfect, and for that, you need a perfect mirror. The most important thing, when applying makeup, is the lighting, as the makeup to be precise and well-made, you need proper illumination. That’s why we’ve prepared this selection of the best-lighted makeup mirrors for you, so that don’t have to worry anymore about the lack of sufficient lighting when applying makeup!

Lighted Makeup Mirror Includes 10x Adjustable Spot MirrorLED Lighted Makeup Mirror Includes 10x Adjustable Spot Mirror

This mirror has it all – it’s well-designed, efficient, and it uses LED lighting to provide a clean reflection. The LED bulbs are long-lasting, which means it’s both eco-friendly and cheap to use, as you won’t have to change the bulbs for a long time. Not only that but LED bulbs also do not heat as much as ordinary bulbs, which means your makeup mirror will be cool to touch.

Miusco 7X Magnifying LED Lighted Makeup MirrorMiusco 7X Magnifying LED Lighted Makeup Mirror

Elegant and fashionable, this makeup mirror will be a great addition to any modern and contemporary house. Equipped with 16 highly efficient, top grade LED bulbs, it’s a long-lasting and high-grade investment. Additionally, the button is touch sensitive, which makes it both convenient to use and modern. Not only will you have no problems applying your makeup, but will also make a lasting impression on all your guests!

Sensor Mirror - Sensor-Activated Lighted Vanity MirrorSensor Mirror – Sensor-Activated Lighted Vanity Mirror

Just check out this little beauty. The light system used in this lighted makeup mirror simulates natural sunlight, which is healthy both for your eyes and your skin. It’s cordless, so there is no risk of it accidently falling on the ground. It operates with a sensor, which automatically turns the lights on when it detects your face getting closer. Modern, sleek and efficient.

8-Inch Diameter 5X Magnifying LED Lighted Vanity Makeup Mirror8-Inch Diameter 5X Magnifying LED Lighted Vanity Makeup Mirror

This one is really convenient to take with you on any journey. That’s because it easily suctions to any flat and non-porous surface. It also offers you a 5X magnification, for a perfect makeup applying experience. Because of the efficient LED systems, it lasts nearly forever – up to 50000 hours of continuous use. You can also adjust the brightness, which can come in handy.

Lighted Double-Sided Wall Mounted Makeup MirrorLighted Double-Sided Wall Mounted Makeup Mirror

A wall mounted makeup mirror can be a very stylish addition to your house. And the best part is, it’s double-sided. On the one side of this mirror, it offers a true imagine, while on the other it gives you a 10X magnification. It comes equipped with a 360-degree swivel design, and, of course, the LED lighting system of the best quality.

Conair Two-Sided Makeup Mirror with 4 Light Settings

Conair Two-Sided Makeup Mirror with 4 Light Settings

This great and convenient, two-sided makeup mirror comes with 4 light settings, to provide you with suitable illumination at all times. You can simulate day, evening, office and home conditions, which allows for a perfect makeup for any situation. It also offers two magnification options, 1X and 5X. The stand folds, so it’s also very convenient to store and transport.

Sided Lighted Makeup Mirror with Vanity DrawerSided Lighted Makeup Mirror with Vanity Drawer

If you prefer the classic, elegant style, we’ve got something just right up your alley. Just look at this beauty. It’s not only the looks, as is comes equipped with 16 top grade LED lights and three settings of magnification – 1X, 7X, and 15X. By tapping the touch button, you can also change the color of the lights from white to yellow.


Tabletop Dual Sided Tri Fold Lighted Makeup Mirror with Built-In OutletTabletop Dual Sided Tri Fold Lighted Makeup Mirror with Built-In Outlet

This versatile lighted makeup mirror can be used both as a vanity or kept in the bathroom. Offers two setting of magnification, 1X and 5X, and 4 adjustable settings – daytime, evening, home and office. It’s worth mentioning that the lighting system is glare free and fluorescent, which means the highest quality and easy on the eyes.

Conair Oval Oiled Bronze Double Sided Illuminated MirrorConair Oval Oiled Bronze Double Sided Illuminated Mirror

Looking for something stylish and impressive? Check out this oiled bronze double-sided lighted makeup mirror. Oval design of this mirror is perfect for applying makeup, as you will be able to properly see the reflection of your whole face. It can be rotated to gain a 7X magnification. The circular lighting allows for fog-free viewing.

Conair Natural Daytime Lighted Round MirrorConair Natural Daytime Lighted Round Mirror

Another beautiful example of an extremely convenient vanity. The lighting in this mirror is fluorescent, which makes it 30% brighter while saving around 60% of the energy. One side of the mirror is a normal, 1X magnification, while the opposite gives you a 10X one. It comes equipped with 1 light setting, so if you’re looking for something easy to use, that’s the mirror to go for.


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