Mini BahubaliBowing before BahubaliGommateshvara BahubaliGommateshvara BahubaliTwo WomenLe pied de Gomateshwara (Sravanabelgola, Inde)Puja au pied de Gomateshwara (Sravanabelgola, Inde)So tiny in front of the majestic Bahubali , ShravanabelagolaShravanabelagola (1)Shravanabelagola (2)Temple troglodytique jaïn (Badami, Inde)Temple troglodytique jaïn (Badami, Inde)Gomateshwara (Sravanabelgola, Inde)Le premier Tirthankara (Sravanabelgola, Inde)himselfShravanabelagola....Gomateshwara (Sravanabelgola, Inde)Shravanabelagola (14)L'entrée du sanctuaire de Gomateshwara (Sravanabelgola, Inde)epigraphia carnaticaLa colline d'Indragiri (Sravanabelgola, Inde)CIMG1371DSC04653DSC04667DSC04655DSC04717Shravanbelagola - Statue of BahubaliShravanbelagola - Lord Bahubali or GomateshwaraShravanbelagola - First glimpse of BahubaliShravanbelagola - First full view of BahubaliShravanbelagola - Yakshini at the feet of BahubaliShravanbelagola - Devotees worshipping near the feet of BahubaliShravanbelagola - Vindhyagiri hill with temple complex of Lord Gomateshwara or Bahubali at the topShravanbelagola - First view of the Vindhyagiri hillShravanbelagola - First gate to the temple complexShravanbelagola - View of Chandragiri from VindhyagiriShravanbelagola - Carvings on rocksShravanbelagola - View of Chandragiri hill and town while climbing upShravanbelagola - Serene face of Lord GomateshwaraShravanbelagola - Kids taking a break while climbing Vindhyagiri hillShravanbelagola - Temple entranceShravanbelagola - Door keeper at the temple entranceShravanbelagola - Relief atop the gate to the temple of GomateshwaraShravanbelagola - Carvings on the mountainShravanbelagola - GomateshwaraShravanbelagola - View of the town and pond at the center of itShravanbelagola - Panorama from top of Vindhyagiri#339 winnebago mugDSC04646DSC04649

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